Sina Essary: Biography, Husband, and Children

Sina Essary

Sina Essary was present, and she watched as her husband absorbed three bullets into his body and stumble out into Mulberry Street, where he died. The nightmare happened in Umberto’s Clam House on 7 April 1972 in Little Italy, New York. Who was Sina’s husband? It was Joey Gallo- Crazy Joe, a charismatic and intellectual kingpin of the New York mobs. Read on to lear more about Sina, her daughter, and husband.

Sina Essary Bio

Sina attended catholic schools in Ohio and joined the Sisters of St. Joseph convent when she was 18. However, one time when she was on sick leave, she got together with an old boyfriend and got pregnant. Her life in the convent came to an untimely end. She married her old boyfriend and had their daughter named Lisa, but they later divorced. While working in an Ohio jewelry store, Sina noticed her daughter was a theatrical prodigy. Lisa soon became a Broadway child star, and they both moved to New York, where Lisa’s career blossomed.

At 29, Sina became lovers with Joey, and he insisted they get married. He divorced his wife, Jeffie, and married in March 1972. Soon after they were married, Sina realized that Joey had a past that haunted him when he attacked and yelled at her.

Three weeks after her marriage to Joey, on the morning after Joey’s birthday party, she accompanied him, her daughter Lisa, his sister, and a bodyguard to Umberto’s Clam House for breakfast. It was located in Little Italy, New York. Without warning, several gunmen burst through the door and began firing. Sina instinctively rushed to save her daughter, dragging her to the floor and covering her with a coat. Joey turned the table to protect the others but got stuck in his arm, spine, and carotid artery three times. He staggered out the door and collapsed dead on the pavement.

After Joey’s death, Sina moved to Leiper’s Fork in 1991 to escape the madness and for her security.

Sina Essary’s Husband

Joe Gallo was born in Red Hook, Brooklyn, to Umberto and Mary Gallo. His father was a bootlegger during Prohibition, and he invested his earnings into a loan-sharking racket. He didn’t discourage his sons from participating in local criminal activities. Shortly after dropping out of Brooklyn High School, Gallo sustained head trauma from an automobile accident. In 1949 after he viewed the film Kiss of Death, he began mimicking the gangster character Tommy Udo and reciting movie dialogue.

He began his criminal career as an enforcer and hitman for Joe Profaci of the Profaci family. He also directly oversaw a variety of enterprises with his headquarters at “The Dormitory,” a three-story brick tenement at 51 President Street.

In November 1961, Gallo was convicted of extortion and conspiracy for attempting to extort money from a businessman. Later in December of that year, he was sentenced to seven-to-fourteen years in prison. He was released from prison in April 1971 and continued with his notorious gang involvement. He was murdered on 7 April 1972.

Sebastian Maniscalco portrayed Gallo in the 2019 film The Irishman. He is also portrayed in Mob Town, The Offer, and Crazy Joe.

Wrapping Up

Sina moved from being a nun to the wife of a notorious mobster, and in her view, it was a complicated rollercoaster.