Shirt Embroidery vs. Screen Printing: Which is Right for Your Brand?

Shirt Embroidery vs. Screen Printing

Creating branded apparel is one of the things that brands do to showcase their business, promote events, and more. However, deciding on the right method can be a little challenging. One of the big choices to decide between is whether to embroider or screen print your designs on a shirt. Each of them offers distinct advantages and is useful for different applications and for unique branding opportunities. Here, we’ll explore these advantages and the best ways to use them in your brand.

Understand Your Brand Identity

Branding is essential for business. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors. It’s so much more than a logo or catchy phrase. Businesses that are well-branded know who they are, who they are for, and how to reach that demographic in a unique and special way. Before you can decide between screen printing and shirt embroidery, it’s critical to be able to clearly communicate your brand.

You’ll need to have a clearly defined mission, values, and your own personality. This also entails being able to clearly communicate your unique selling proposition for your brand. Once you do this, then you can consider what your logo will look like, what kind of color schema you need, and how your target market will resonate with all of the creative materials you put out online and in real life.

Creating consistency and telling a good story is also important. When your shirts look and feel like the materials you put online and like someone would feel walking into a real-life store for your products, then you know you have great consistency, and everything you are doing is telling a story about who you are as a company.

Embroidery Has a Handcrafted Feeling

Embroidery is an old-fashioned craft that entails stitching images and designs onto fabric sometimes in multiple different colors.  It is timeless and has been reshaped into a tool for modern use on shirts and other fabric swag. Because of its old-fashioned nature, this medium can add a sense of simplicity or luxury depending on how you use it. an age-old craft that involves stitching designs onto fabric, has stood the test of time for a reason. Embroidery is great for businesses and brands that want to express good craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Company logos can be easily embroidered on a polo shirt or a warm jacket. The stitching becomes almost 3D when you use contrasting colors and can help your logo stand out. Plus it’s kind of tactile in a way that screen printing is not because the stitching is raised.

Pros of Shirt Embroidery

One of the reasons people choose embroidery is because it’s so durable. It doesn’t fade easily, nor does it wear out. This means that your brand message stays visible even after many washes. Another pro is that it offers a textural point to apparel. Brands that pick embroidery often like the tactile nature of an embroidered message or logo. It also looks very professional so it goes well on uniforms, corporate swag, and even upscale brands. Plus, it’s likely that there are already local businesses nearby that can help when you search Google for shirt embroidery near me.

Cons of Shirt Embroidery

In spite of the benefits, there are some cons to using embroidery. Sometimes this medium is more expensive than screen printing. This is especially true when you have complex designs that incorporate a lot of detailed elements. While much of this work is now done by machines, it can still be costly and takes more time to complete. You can also lose details. This means that if you have a very complicated design, it may not translate well into an embroidered design.

Finding Shirt Embroidery Near Me

When researching the best places for shirt embroidery near me, you want to start by asking for recommendations in your area. You may have colleagues, family, or friends who have used a company for embroidery who can point you in the right direction. You can also check online reviews or ask in local online forums for some suggestions. Many local print shops can even point you in the right direction if you want to find a place that does shirt embroidery near you. It’s important to look at samples and request quotes as well to help you decide.

Vibrant Options With Screen Printing

Another great option for decorating shirts is to get them screen printed. Screen printing uses ink and a unique stencil to transfer designs onto fabric. This means that you get many different color options and can create very detailed graphics.

Pros of Screen Printing

The best thing about screen printing is that you can create vibrant designs with a lot of details including sharp lines. This option is usually more cost-effective as well, especially for large orders. Because you can use any color imaginable, it’s also more versatile than embroidery. This medium lends itself well to businesses that want lots of detail and creative designs. This medium can easily capture all those details including fine lines and bright colors.

Cons of Screen Printing

While screen printing has numerous benefits, some people don’t like that the designs can wear out more quickly than embroidered ones. If it’s a piece that needs to be worn frequently, finding a shirt embroidery near me might be more important than a screen-printer. It also doesn’t have much in terms of texture, so it won’t have the same sensory appeal as embroidery.


Choosing between shirt embroidery and screen printing starts with defining your brand and your overall goals. It’s easier to clearly communicate how you want your shirts to look and how to fit in your business when you already have good branding in place. Each method of designing shirts has unique advantages. Embroidery offers timeless elegance and durability while screen printing provides more opportunity for creativity, bright colors, and fine lines. It’s important to find a reputable vendor to create your shirts to ensure that your brand is well represented.