Sergio Giuseppe Ripa, Personal Life and Net Worth

Sergio Giuseppe Ripa

We understand if you are curious to get more details about Sergio Giuseppe Ripa. After all, his mother calls him the miracle baby. Sergio is the son of Linda Ripa, and his aunt is a reputable actress named Kelly Ripa. With that said, let’s get into the details and discuss all the details we have about Sergio Giuseppe Ripa

Early Life of Sergio Giuseppe Ripa

Sergio is a celebrity kid born in 1999 on 8th September. His birth area is Camden, New Jersey, and his nationality is American. As of 2022, Sergio is 22 years. Regarding family, Sergio Giuseppe is the only child of Linda Ripa, his mother.

As for Sergio’s father, nothing much is known about him, but it’s believed he is a cop. Sergio’s ancestry is Irish and Italian, based on his mother’s side. Sergio is also the lucky nephew of an American talk show host, actress, and TV producer called Kelly Ripa.

Sergio’s mother is popular for being the author of “The Ladybug Blue.” Furthermore, his mother has worked for Philly 57, New Media Productions, CN8, and Neurolinguistic Programming. Sergio’s mother came to the headlines when she encountered a major accident when she was 7 months pregnant.

A minivan under an intoxicated driver crashed her car and consequentially made her undergo surgery. Besides, Sergio was born prematurely, and both Sergio and her mother went into a coma. Luckily, both recovered, and this incident made Linda Ripa refer to Sergio as the miracle boy. A miracle indeed!

Sergio’s Hobby, Career, Profession, and Net Worth

Sergio is a celebrity who is also a musician and guitarist. His fame is courtesy of his mother and aunt, and Sergio enjoys the luxury of their net worth. Besides, his aunt is estimated to be worth $120 million, while his mother’s net worth is $10 million. That already suggests that Sergio can’t complain much about life.

Furthermore, Sergio enjoys living a modest life, and even though he is yet to disclose his net worth, he earns through his celebrity life and other sources. If you are wondering about his love life, Sergio is assumed to be single.

He hasn’t posted or talked about his love life, and his social media platforms offer no clue. However, if something comes up about his love life, be sure that you will get it next time.

You can meet Sergio Ripa on Instagram, and his username is @maanbarepiig. For more pictures of Sergio Ripa, check his aunt’s Instagram profile under @kellyripa. Hopefully, he will keep posting more details on his social media accounts for us to give a comprehensive biography of him.

Sergio Giuseppe Ripa’s Measurements and Appearance

One thing is for sure, Sergio Ripa has brown hair, and his eyes are green. From the pictures, we can note that Sergio enjoys keeping his hair long. Other details are still under review, including his height, weight, and other body measurements. But we can assume that his tall based on the height evident in his pictures. His zodiac sign is Virgo