Karen Carter-Derrico, Personal Life and Net Worth

Karen Carter-Derrico

Karen Carter-Derricois a wife of an American actor Deon Derrico and is particularly popular for being the mother of 14 kids. Yes, you have read it right. She is the mother of as many as 14 kids. Her family runs a TV show named ‘doubling down with Derricos’ that features the day-to-day activities of this giant family.

Today, let’s dig deeper and find out more information about Karen Carter-Derrico Including her personal life, professional career, net worth, family, and other such details.

Personal life

Karen Carter-Derrico rose to popularity after getting married. This is why there is hardly any confirmed information available about her childhood. All we know is that she spent her childhood in Kingstree, South Carolina with her family. Her estimated date of birth is February 1980. Mary Carter and Ellis Carter are said to be her parents.

Speaking of the love life of Karen, she got married to Deon Derrico in 2002. Prior to their marriage, their relationship was not much publicized.

Parents and siblings

Karen Carter-Derricois is said to be the daughter of Mary Carter and Ellis Carter. However, this information does not come from reliable sources. If we talk about the profession of her parents, it is not known to the public. The same goes for siblings of Karen. How many siblings she has is not known to us. This stunning lady has never ever talked about it either.


You already know that Karen Carter-Derricois is a mother of 14 kids, actually, 15 kids, one died just after its birth. All the kids are from her husband only and they all took birth naturally. This set of 14 kids consists of two sets of twins, a set of quintuplets, and a set of triplets. Out of all, 8 are boys and 6 are girls. The interesting thing is that all kids have their name initials with D. Their names are Darian, Derrick, Denver, Dallas, Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician, Daiten, Diez, Dior, Dawsyn, De’Aren, and Dyver.

Education and profession

There is not much information available on the education of Karen  She is said to have attended Kingstree senior High school. If we talk about her profession, she is an actress who plays a lead role in her own TV show ‘doubling down with Dorricos’

Reason for the popularity of Karen Carter-Derrico

Well, it’s her 14 kids that made her popular. Her TV show ‘doubling down with Dorricos’ also became a major reason for her popularity.

Net worth of Karen Carter-Derrico

With the fact that Karen Carter-Derrico’s TV show ‘doubling down with Dorricos is very popular among people, she has churned out a huge amount of money with this show itself. As of today, she is estimated to have a great net worth of around 1 million.


We must say that Karen Carter-Derricois is a strong lady. Managing such a large family is not a small thing. She takes care of all 14 kids so beautifully, whereas, for some ladies, it is hard to manage just one or two.