Salesforce Experience Cloud Examples

Salesforce Experience Cloud Examples


Industries across various sectors seek to adopt applications offered by Salesforce to develop Customer-centric solutions. Therefore, it is essential to have proper knowledge about Real-world examples of Salesforce Experience Cloud to select an appropriate use case for our scenario. 

In this article, we will learn about the Salesforce Experience Cloud with Real-world Examples using which organizations tap the full market potential by capturing the customers and connecting with them. But let us have a look at Experience Cloud before moving on to the Salesforce Experience Cloud Examples. 

What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Salesforce Experience Cloud is an online social platform that enables companies to connect customers, partners, and employees. Built on the Salesforce Platform, this next-generation portal combines the real-time collaboration of Chatter (Enterprise Social Network) with the ability to share any file, data, or record anywhere and on any mobile device.

Is Experience Cloud the same as Community Cloud?

Many times, there is a conflict between using the Experience Cloud and the Community Cloud. The fact is they both are the same. Community Cloud is the Salesforce platform that was renamed to the Salesforce Experience Cloud in April 2021. Since then, organizations have been using Experience Cloud for their CRM-based requirements. 

Advantages of Salesforce Experience Cloud

  • It offers a no-code interface to develop sites.

No-code tools, prebuilt templates, themes, and components are supported in the Experience Cloud to build the sites. We can also use the build of custom components, apps, and processes using them. 

  • It can be used to develop custom sites 

It allows us to develop customized, enterprise-level sites and portals programmatically. We can also update sites quickly using tools such as Salesforce Extensions for VS Code, Salesforce CLI, etc.

  • It supports the development of Community Portals 

Experience Cloud offers Lightning Bolt using which we can create next-generation mobile-optimized communities and portals that are capable of integrating with Salesforce. 

  • It offers Real-Time Collaboration using Chatter 

Experience Cloud enables collaboration using Chatter which is an enterprise social platform developed by Salesforce. Using this, employees can collaborate on projects, find subject-matter experts, and get updates

  • It supports an analytics console

The new Lightning dashboard is provided in the Community Management Console which is used to get insights about how the customers use the community. These factors can help to enhance the engagement within the community.

Examples of Salesforce Experience Cloud

After having the overview of the Experience Cloud, let us see the Salesforce Cloud Experience Cloud Examples in real-world scenarios of Salesforce training in Hyderabad

Partner Management Portal

This is a simple example of Salesforce Experience Cloud in which Partner Relationship Management is done using the Experience Cloud. To build Partner Portals, Partner Central templates are used for partner sales recruitment, onboarding, and management. 

Sales Partner Portal

This use-case of Experience Cloud Platform is observed in the management of an organization’s Sales Partners. We can use distributed marketing, lead distribution, deal registration, market Software development funds, and other features to enhance partner satisfaction and increase revenue. Also, the partners can access resources such as product information and sales assets.

Customer Forums

Experience Cloud provides channels where users can find and share information, files, or data. The older customers are labeled as ‘experts’ in the community which makes them the face of the organization’s brand and develop customer loyalty. It also helps us to create engaging online forums to help customers solve each other’s issues.

Employee Channels 

If an organization wants to create HR and IT Help Desks to engage employees and share important information with them, Salesforce Experience Cloud is used. By using such features of the Experience Cloud Platform, Employees can get all types of information about onboarding, payroll, IT troubleshooting, etc., and collaborate in real-time and share the data.

B2B Commerce Platforms

If you have a business-to-business-based service, Experience Cloud helps you to create a commerce platform that is combined with self-service features along with ordering from other devices. It also has modern features such as AI for Merchants and AI for customers to enable data-driven activities in your business.

External Portals and Channels

This use case of Experience Cloud Platform will help you to create a custom enterprise site according to your own business. using the Lightning Experience Builder. We can also create custom objects, API calls, and file and data storage.

Customer Account Manager 

Salesforce Experience Cloud is also used for customer account management. It provides an e-commerce section that enables customers to track their accounts and connect to other customers to share experiences with the product and add ratings or reviews for the product.

Use cases for Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a digital platform to unify the network of employees, customers, and partners and share files and records in real time. Companies of any size can create seamless, branded community experiences quickly and easily with Experience Cloud. 

Let us see the real-world use cases where choosing the Salesforce Experience Cloud would be the right choice for you. You should select Salesforce Experience Cloud if your company has:

  • The requirement is to unify all the stakeholders using a digital platform. 
  • Need to Develop custom components and apps for sites 
  • A team with less programming expertise 
  • Need to use a no-code interface for building the enterprise site.
  • To enhance community engagement using the monitoring console. 

Pricing of Salesforce Experience Cloud 

The pricing plans for different solutions of Experience Cloud are given below: 

  • Customer Community – $2/login or $5/member per month
  • Customer Community Plus- $6/login or $15/member per month
Partner Relationship Management 
  • $10/login or $25/member per month
External Apps
  • $15/login or $35/member per month


Salesforce Experience Cloud is a popular CRM-based platform that offers various features and capabilities that enable organizations to achieve satisfaction. It is used by many companies such as HFFC, CEAT, Toyota, Rate Gain, GE Aviation, Virgin America, and many more.

You have gained a clear understanding of Experience Cloud, including all the information about features to pricing. You are now ready to enhance your Customer Relationship Management using Salesforce Experience Cloud. 

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