Top 10 IT & Software Development Companies in New York 2022

Software Development Companies

Software development is now more important than ever, thanks to the rise of innovation. Every technology we use benefits from having the option to create, design, develop, and maintain code through software development practices.

Software development is important because it establishes the development cycle for large-scale innovation projects. Global businesses are improving their services thanks to the growth and speed of innovation. Software development is important because it establishes the development cycle for large-scale innovation projects. Software development companies in New York assist businesses in growing.

Along with improving user experience, it aids companies in enhancing sales and services, which can also increase business ROI. Companies specialising in software development can assist businesses at every stage, from identifying a new, improved method of customer contact to using cutting-edge marketing strategies.

IT Consulting Company can assist businesses of any size to achieve greater heights than ever. The team at researched hundreds of New York-based businesses to create a list of the Top 10 IT Consulting Companies in New York to work within 2022 and the following years, reducing the time and effort required to find an IT Consulting company NYC. All of the listed software development firms have earned a spot on the list by demonstrating the quality of their services over a number of years, utilising their expertise, and distinguishing themselves through each cutting-edge service they have offered.

Top 10 Most Prominent IT Consulting Firms in New York, 2022

RisingMax Inc.

One of the top software development firms, RisingMax, provides a wide range of development services to its international clientele, including the creation of games, mobile apps, websites, Metaverse applications, Internet of Things applications, and more. With ten years of experience, the company has provided more than 2500 clients worldwide with more than 2000 web-based solutions, 4000 mobile apps, 100 AI and IoT-based solutions, 120 games, 80 Salesforce solutions, and many more.


New Jersey, USA, is the location.

Another company that has a long history of helping businesses make the most of modern infrastructure and technology is Cognizant. The company helps businesses plan and run their operations in order to enhance security, support, and expansion. The team can also help you reduce the risks associated with migration and transformation as you go forward.

By ensuring that you have access to all the IT infrastructure you need without giving up your most important legacy assets, Cognizant will help you fulfil the promises you made regarding your digital transformation.

Suffescom Inc.

Suffescom Inc. is redefining how people and technology interact. Some of the top businesses in the world’s payment, financial services, telecommunications, media, technology, consumer products, retail, mobility, and healthcare sectors have benefited from their assistance in enhancing their capacity to seize new business opportunities and market niches.


It is a Manhattan-based international software development company that primarily caters to New York clients. It offers various services, including DevOps, UI/UX design, web development, mobile development, and custom software development. The Andersen team also provides quality control, application maintenance, and IT security management.


A top-tier, one-stop custom software development company, iTechArt has 3500+ highly skilled engineers in its talent pool. Since 2002, they have assisted start-ups and quickly expanding tech companies in developing popular, scalable products. Agile teams of talented individuals who excel in web, mobile, big data, QA, and DevOps are their speciality.


As a digital native, they have a 27-year track record of generating business impact through complete and scalable digital solutions. With a global presence of 6,000+ experts in strategy, research, data science, design, and engineering, they unleash top-line growth, enhance customer experience, and boost operational efficiency.


Valtech is a company that provides innovation with a purpose and specialises in global business transformation. While maximising time-to-market and ROI, they allow clients to foresee future trends and connect more personally with customers across all digital touch points. More than 5000 innovators, designers, marketers, artists, and developers make up their network.


For companies like Google, KFC, Philips, Audi, Twitch, Patagonia, eBay, and others, DEPT’s cutting-edge technology and marketing services develop end-to-end digital experiences. Their team of 2,500+ digital experts works in 30+ locations across 5 continents and produces ground-breaking work with a boutique culture.


The structure sits where innovative technology and creative thinking converge. They have gained experience in the field and know a thing or two about how to assist the company in modernisation and digital optimisation. They put forth a lot of effort to create a solution tailored to the moment’s demands that will lead to the company’s success in the future.

Tech Mahindra

Specifically, Pune, India

Tech Mahindra, which specialises in software development services, uses its advanced knowledge, agile methodologies, and industry-specific standards. Create, develop, and support software solutions that are perpetually functional across various platforms, such as the web, mobile devices, and the cloud.

Tech Mahindra has collaborated with many product startups, ISVs, and companies worldwide. The company is detail-oriented, visionary, and digitally prepared.

Wrapping Up

Businesses should always demand the best when it comes to IT consulting for software development. These IT Consulting Firms in Chicago are rated highly on review websites and data-driven platforms. They have helped them create software of the highest calibre by working with hundreds of international clients.

You can look at their portfolios, experiences, and market tech knowledge to make a more informed choice.

Thanks to this carefully curated list of IT consulting firms, it is simpler for any company to select the ideal partner to develop its software.

In order to find the best IT Consulting company in 2022 to bring your idea to life, be sure to investigate all of these businesses based on various factors, including their experience, technological proficiency, methodology, etc.