Robert Christopher Hand Jordan Family, Net Worth, Career, & More

Robert Christopher Hand Jordan

Robert Christopher Hand Jordan is the only son of the great actor Richard Jordan and the renowned actress Blair Brown together. You can get all the details of Robert’s life, parents, relationships, and many more from this article, so stay connected.

Early Life Of Robert Christopher Hand Jordan

Robert Christopher Hand Jordan was born in 1983. His parents were Richard Jordan and Blair Brown. They both are well-known celebrities and were in a long-term relationship.

Father Of Robert Christopher Hand Jordan

Robert Christopher Hand Jordan’s father was the famous American actor, Richard Jordan. His full name was Robert Anson Jordan Jr. Richard was born on July 19, 1937. He has performed in several Off Broadway and Broadway plays. His well-known films include Logan’s Run, Old Raise the Titanic, Boyfriends, Les Misérables, The Yakuza, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Interiors, Dune, The Bunker, Timebomb, The Secret of My Success, Posse and Gettysburg, The Hunt for Red October, and many more. Besides being a famous American actor, Richard was also a member of the New York Shakespeare Festival for a long time. This famous actor took his last breath on August 30, 1993.

Mother Of Robert Christopher Hand Jordan

Robert Christopher Hand Jordan’s mother is Blair Brown, who was a famous American actress of her time. Blair was born in Washington D.C. Her father Milton Henry Brown, was served at the Central Intelligence Agency and her mother Elizabeth Ann Brown was a teacher.

Brown started her acting career with the New York Shakespeare Festival’s 1975 production of “The Comedy of Errors” directed by Richard Foreman. Thereafter she made a promising acting career with renowned films including 1973’s Oscar winning film “The Paper Chase,”, and the John Belushi film “Continental Divide,” which stepped her towards a Golden Globe nomination, she was nominated for the for best motion picture actress in a comedy/musical category. She also gained fame through her role in Robert Aldrich’s “The Choirboys,”

Brown is also well-known for several television appearances like in “Frasier,” “ER”, “Orange is the New Black,” “Smallville,” and the famous “Nina Sharp” role in the Fox series “Fringe.”

Several Relationships Of Robert’s Father Richard Jordan

Robert’s celebrity father Richard Jordan was involved with several renowned actresses throughout his life. Jordan was tied the knot first with an actress Kathleen Widdoes to whom she had a daughter Nina Jordan. Later on, Robert’s father was involved in a long-term relationship with his mother Blair Brown, they together had the only son Robert. Then Jordan was again involved with another actress Marcia Cross who accompanied him till his last breath.

Robert Christopher Hand Jordan’s Celebrity Stepsister

Robert Christopher Hand Jordan’s stepsister Nina Jordan is also a well-known American actress. Nina was the daughter of Robert’s father Richard Jordan and his first wife and actress Kathleen Widdoes. This renowned actress was born on August 9, 1964 in the New York City, USA. She made her recognition with her roles for Old Boyfriends (1979) and Much Ado About Nothing (1973).

Net Worth Of Robert Christopher Hand Jordan

The net worth of Robert Christopher Hand Jordan is not revealed to the public. His father Richard Jordan has earned the net worth of approx. $1.65 Billion and his mother has a net worth of approx. $2 million.


Robert is often times off the limelight, though the fans of his celebrity parents are expecting a great acting career from him as well. though both his celebrity parents have generated a handsome amount of money which can boost his bank balance.