Nina Gabrilowitsc Recalling Personal Life, Relationships, & More

Nina Gabrilowitsc Recalling

Nina Clemens Gabrilowitsch was the granddaughter of the renowned writer Mark Twain. She was the only surviving child of Twin’s own daughter Clara Clemens. Several facts about her life have been revealed through the recovery of her lost diary. Check out the details of the controversial life of Nina Clemens Gabrilowitsch in this article.

Early Life Of Nina Clemens Gabrilowitsch

Nina Clemens Gabrilowitsch, was born on 18th August, 1910 in the Redding region of Connecticut. She was the daughter of Samuel Clemens’s (popularly known as Mark Twain) daughter Clara Clemens and her husband Ossip Gabrilowitsch. Childhood of Nina appears to have been a blessed one that any young girl could have yearned for. The first 9 years of her life were spent in Germany and also in New York. In 1919, her family transferred to Detroit, Michigan. Nina stayed there until her enrolment took place in Barnard in 1929.

Nina’s Lost Diary

After the recovery of Nina’s lost diary, many unrevealed facts about Nina’s life and Mark Twain’s family has been revealed. In July 2019 Alan Rankin delivered a speech regarding Nina’s lost diary. The speech was delivered the Clemens Conference in Hannibal, Missouri. The facts of that 1924 diary and Nina’s life described in it are the subjects of Rankin’s present work. Rankin’s talk regarding the diary is entitled “Nina: The Lost Diary of Nina Gabrilowitsch.” Rankin also declared that the work is in progress now, and that the work is also called Nina: The Lost Diary. The subject of that diary was the modified and extended version of Rankin’s talk, which includes illustrations as well.

Nina’s Drinking Habit

In her renowned diary Nina explained her excessive drinking habits, she herself believed that this habit has been inherited by her from her grandfather, the renowned writer Samuel Clemens.

Nina’s Love Life

Controversies and conflicts in Nina’s life also followed regarding her love life as well. Many reports and sources are claiming Nina’s marriage with a man called Carl Rogers but that is not the proper name of the love of her life. The long-time boyfriend of Nina was Carl Roters, a famous artist. Though there’s no record of marriage of this couple has been revealed. Although Nina’s mother Clara didn’t approve of their relationship at first, as she thought that this relationship was contributed to her daughter’s drinking habit. One of Carl’s relatives had reported that Carl himself refused to marry Nina for her excessive drinking habit.

Celebrity Grandfather Of Nina

Nina’s grandfather was the great American writer Samuel Langhorne Clemens, who was popularly known as Mark Twain. Twain was an American writer, publisher, entrepreneur, humourist, and lecturer. He was acclaimed as the greatest humorist of the United States. Twin was also called “the father of American literature” by William Faulkner. His great works include ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ (1876) and its sequel. Twin also wrote ‘Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ (1884), Twain was also renowned for his work ‘A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and Pudd’nhead Wilson’.

Death Of Nina

Nina Clemens Gabrilowitsch, was died an unnatural death. She was found dead in a hotel room of N Highland Avenue in Los Angeles on January 16, 1966. Multiple bottles of alcohol and pills were found in the room surrounding her body.


Nina Clemens Gabrilowitsch lived a controversial life that followed her till death. Lots of interesting facts about her life and Mark Twain’s family have come to light, which will hopefully mark a great contribution to the history of American literature.