Quinncey Wagner: Learn About Her Family, Career and Net Worth

Quinncey Wagner

Quinncey Wagner is the daughter of American football linebacker Bobby Joseph Wagner who currently plays for the Los Angeles Rams. She was born in 2009, the same year Bobby lost his mother. Quinncey Wagner’s father has not revealed details of who is Quinncey’s mother.

Quinncey Wagner often spends time with her father; he used to take her to Disney land when she was young and probably still does. Bobby also sometimes brings Quinncey to the arena during his game time; they also go for walks together as her father tries to show her love the best way he can.

Her Father

Quinncey Wagner’s father started playing football in high school; he went to Colony High School in California. In high school, Quinncey’s father helped lead Titans to a CIF division title; among the accolades, he received include; all-CIF Central Division honors, all-Mount Baldy League accolades, and California Division 2 all-state honors for the second team

Bobby then joined Utah State University, where he played for four years. In his final year in college, Quinncey’s father recorded 147 tackles, two interceptions, and four sacks; for these, he was the WAC Defensive Player of the Year.

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Quinncey’s Father’s Professional Career

Quinncey’s Father’s Professional Career.

In January 2012, Quinncey’s father was invited to play in the 2012 Senior Bowl, an invitation he accepted. After playing in the Super Bowl, he helped the North team of Minnesota Vikings defeat the south and was named the Senior Bowl MVP and North’s Most Outstanding Player for his performance.

Two months later, Quinncey’s father attended Uttah State’s Pro day, where they performed combine drills. His display impressed the scouts, and the NFL draft experts and scouts picked him. Months later, Bobby was selected by Seattle Seahawks and signed a 4.3 million dollars four-year contract.

Bobby Wagner started training and competing for the middle linebacker spot. A teammate was injured, and Quinncey’s father got into starting team making his professional debut at the Arizona Cardinals, a game they lost. Given his impressive performance, he maintained his spot, and in 2015 he extended his contract for four more years.

Quinncey’s father played for Seattle Seahawks for ten years, and in that period, he was NFL’s tackles leader for two seasons, played in Pro Bowls eight times, and had many other achievements. In March 2022, he joined Los Angeles Rams, signing a 65 million dollar five-year contract.

Net Worth and Social Media

Given the career, Quinncey Wagner’s father had and is still having. He has earned a lot of money from his contracts over the years, with the latest being a 65 million-dollar contract. With her father’s money, Quinncey seems to enjoy her life and get whatever she needs.

Quinncey Wagner is not active on social media at the moment, she is probably focusing on her studies, but her father is active. On Instagram, Quinncey’s father uses the username @bwagz, has 684k followers, and has posted 94 times. Quinncey’s father is also on Twitter, which he joined in 2009 and has 473k followers.