Peter Scott Roberson: All Details About A.B. Stoddard’s Husband

Peter Scott Roberson

Peter Scott Roberson is the husband of Alexandra Brandon Stoddard, a recognized associate editor and columnist at RealClearPolitics. A.B Stoddard had previously worked as an associate editor and columnist for the hill newspaper and other recognized news media like Fox News. Peter Scott Roberson has gained fame thanks to his wife, although not many details about him have been revealed. Unfortunately, we have no clear records regarding the birthplace of Peter Scott Roberson, but let’s see more details about him.

Peter Scott Roberson’s Marriage and How He Met His Wife

On September 6, 1997, peter Scott Roberson married A.B. Stoddard. Peter Scoot and Stoddard met in 1994, and a mutual friend introduced them. The friend introduced them, and they decided to get into a relationship after a short time.

After dating for a short time, they got into a relationship officially a few weeks later. Peter Scott then worked for James Orr Associates as the senior associate and specialized in internal finance counseling.

Peter and Stoddard dated for three years before they exchanged vows in Claiborne, Maryland, in 1997. Currently, the two lovebirds live in Washington, D.C, and they seem focused on their career as they have not yet announced if they have children.

From the social media accounts of A.B Stoddard, it seems Peter Scott was the first love of her life, as there are no records of her dating before.

Peter Scott Roberson’s Wife

Alexandra Brandon Stoddard is Peter Scott’s wife, born in Chevy Chase, Maryland, on March 30, 1967. Stoddard was born to her parents, Brandon Stoddard and Alexandra, who brought her up to work in the television industry.

Stoddard’s father was the President of ABC entertainment, and her mother was an interior designer and author. Because Stoddard’s father was in the Tv sector, it was easy for her to pursue her interest in acting.

A.B loves to keep her details private, explaining why she has not shared details regarding her family, but many records indicate she has a younger sister called Brooke Stoddard. Stoddard attended school in her hometown, then later joined Connecticut College and pursued a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Stoddard graduated in 1989, and her father gave her a chance to practice her skills in ABC.

The Career of Peter Scott Roberson’s Wife

A.B. Stoddard started working at ABC after she graduated from college. A.B was on World News Tonight for ten years as the producer. During the years, she covered many stories, and the U.S. Senate in 2009 was the most notable story she covered. The story led to the Dateline Ward for the weekly newspaper.

A.B Stoddard tended to move towards the political news. She works for Fox News and MSNBC networks as a political panel member. Additionally, she works for The Hill newspaper as a writer. Readers of political news have left A.B positive reviews because of her great skills, which has motivated her and given her more opportunities like appearing in “Special Report with Bret Baier’, in a political commentary program.