Pre-Planning Your Funeral – Why & How To Do It?

As the saying goes, death is the only certainty in life. While it’s not always easy to confront our mortality, it’s essential to plan for the inevitable. After all, the last thing we want is for our loved ones to be burdened with making difficult decisions during grief.

Planning a memorial service can be overwhelming, especially for those who are emotionally vulnerable. From selecting the type of service to arranging food and beverage services for guests, many important decisions must be made. For those mourning, making so many choices can be overwhelming.

That’s why it’s wise to consider pre-planning your memorial and the following service. By doing so, you can relieve your friends and family from making tough decisions during a difficult time and alleviate them from the financial burden.

Pre-planning your memorial can offer peace of mind and comfort, knowing that your wishes will be carried out as you intended. Getting these arrangements in place early can make a difficult time easier for your loved ones.

Breaking the Taboo: The Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Memorial

Your Final Wishes Will Be Followed Like The Way You Want

Do you have a specific vision for what you want your memorial to look like?

For example, perhaps you’re passionate about animal welfare and would like donations made to a local shelter in your name. Or maybe you’re a nature lover and would like to be buried as a tree, as part of a memorial garden.

Whatever your wishes may be, pre-planning your memorial can ensure that they are honoured in the way you want them to be. With a pre-arranged memorial plan, your loved ones can focus on honouring your memory and grieving rather than worrying about the logistics of arranging a memorial.

Pre-planning your memorial is an opportunity to take control of your legacy and ensure that your final wishes are carried out exactly as you envision them. Whether you want a traditional funeral, a celebration of life, or something more unique, pre-planning can help make it happen.

Reduced Stress On Your Loved Ones:

Have you ever thought about what happens in the first 24 hours after someone passes away? More than 70 details need to be taken care of, from filing legal paperwork to arranging the funeral and notifying friends and family.

It’s an overwhelming responsibility, especially for loved ones already struggling with the emotional impact of the loss. However, pre-planning your memorial can give them some relief during that critical first 24 hours and protect them from financial stress.

Get Your Money’s Worth

By pre-arranging your memorial and locking in the cost, you can protect your loved ones from paying more in the future due to rising prices and inflation. In addition, your family won’t have to worry about covering the additional expenses that may arise if prices have increased since you made your plans. It’s an innovative and practical way to protect your family’s finances while ensuring that your final wishes are carried out exactly as you envision them.

How To Pre-Plan Your Funeral?

Here are some necessary steps you need to take to pre-plan your funeral properly:

  • Keep Your Will Updated: If you haven’t created a will, a judge will determine how to distribute your assets to your heirs. Without a will, your loved ones may be unsure of what to do with your assets or even more likely to argue over them, causing unnecessary conflict during an already difficult time.
  • Choose What To Do With Your Remain: Regarding burial and funeral services, several options exist.
  • Funerals typically include a viewing or visitation, and the deceased is moved to the funeral location and cemetery in a hearse. Caskets can range from metal to wood and come with varying price tags.
  • Direct burials or cremations involve burying the deceased in a simple burial container without embalming or viewing.
  • Other options, like being buried as a tree in a memorial park are becoming increasingly popular. You can also choose the type of memorial tree you want to become.
  • Make Your Wishes Known To Your Family: When it comes to saying goodbye, you want to make sure your final wishes are known to your loved ones. While you can include them in your will, remember that the will may not be read before the funeral. Instead, we suggest creating a separate funeral plan and sharing it with your next kin. This way, they will be fully prepared to honour your final wishes and give you the farewell you desire.

In Conclusion

Pre-planning your funeral is a wise and compassionate decision that ensures your final wishes are carried out exactly as you envision them and protects your loved ones from emotional and financial stress.

Planning ahead can provide your family with a clear roadmap for the first 24 hours after your death and the following days.