Pikruos: What is it & Where Does It Apply?



Ever heard about Pikruos? Well, this a Japanese word that originates from two Greek terms namely ‘Pikros’ and ‘Ousia’. These Greek terms mean bitter and essence or nature respectively. Unlike other terms that you might have come in the past, this is intriguing as it combines psychology, philosophy and spirituality in order to enable people lead more pleasant and meaningful life. Since we live in a fast-paced society, there are numerous paths to self-improvement. Thankfully, Pikruos is one of those approaches that can help you get started. In this article, we shall take a closer look at the origin of Pikruos and how you can apply this concept in your day-to-day life.

Meaning and origin of Pikruos

Like we have mentioned in the introduction, Pikruos comes from the words ‘Pikros’ and ‘Ousia’ to mean bitter and nature or essence. Generally, this term centers on the realities of life which can either be good or bad. Apart from being a combination of Greek term, this concept incorporates ideologies such as Taoism and Buddhism.

Further this encourages minimalism, self-awareness, serenity and compassion. Interestingly, some people believe Pikruos originates from Greek comedy plays. Others believe that this concepts originated in Spain, where it was mostly used to insult someone who is malevolent or sly.

What are the rituals of Pikruos?

It is imperative to note that this term revolves around certain rituals such as;

  • Bitter liberations:To start with, this ritual was very common in the ancient Roman and Greek society. It involves pouring bitter wine or vinegar as libations. The main purpose of this ritual was to appease the gods and gain their favor. Consequently, the act symbolized submission and humility when it comes to issues that are beyond human understanding.
  • Symbolism:If Pikruos has to be given as a drink, the act itself has a deeper meaning. It symbolizes the fact that one is ready to accept the harsh realities of life as well as requesting certain favor from the gods. In fact, most ceremonies must have Pikruos as a drink. With this drink in place, the attendees are able to acknowledge that there is a higher power and thus, they will be able to face any challenge or adversity that comes their way.

Significance of Pikruos and its application

There are many benefits that practitioners of Pikruos are bound to reap once they start putting this concept into practice. Some of the notable benefits include:

  1. Improved communication and teamwork

Since Pikruos promotes self-awareness and introspection, be sure that it goes a long way in promoting communications and teamwork among people. Here, individuals are able to come together and share their life experiences, regardless of how they look like. Consequently, such people or communities are able to offer the much-needed support to one another.

  1. Improved memory and concentration

The other benefit that those who practice Pikruos enjoy is that they have had improved memory and concentration over time. After all, this concept has proved to be very effective in enhancing cognitive functionalities and also clarity of thought. As a result, people who practice Pikruos are able to focus more on the fundamentals of life and the harsh realities that come from time to time.

  1. Better relationships

When people come together, great things happen. Since Pikruos emphasizes formation of special bonds, people are able to overcome challenges in life. In fact, relationships are stronger and better with Pikruos. Even if you encounter hiccups or tough events in life, you will remain united as a community.

  1. Helps increase creativity among people

If you practice Pikruos, note that you will be able to increase your creativity over time. This can be attributed to the fact that you will be able to imagine new ideas that can help you deal with the harsh realities of life.

  1. Societal benefit

Apart from offering the above-mentioned benefits to individuals, this concept plays a key role in the society. Based on the diverse cultural traditions, several perspectives get shaped by Pikruos. These include perspectives on personal development, interdependence and spirituality.

Different societies can now integrate this concept into their cultures and thus share some sense of purpose and deeper connection. Since Pikruos can easily be adapted to diverse cultures, its popularity has increased tenfold.


From the article above, it is true to say that Pikruos plays a critical role in promoting introspection, contemplation and self-awareness among its practitioners. By doing so, you will be able to deal with the various challenges life throws at you as an individual. When it comes to the larger society, this concept has promoted deeper connections among people as it can easily be integrated into various cultures. Despite the challenges that might come up from time to time, Pikruos will enable you lead a more meaningful life.