Organizing Your New Home After a Cross-Country Move


Moving into a new home with new people within a new community can be very exciting. There are many undiscovered places to explore and different relationships to grow and develop. Cross-country moving can also be extremely challenging; it is a time in your life when everyone within the household is under stress, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. While some things in life are constant, you cannot plan for everything and can’t move forward without undergoing some sort of change. When a lot happens simultaneously, it can be challenging to manage and categorize!

That is why utilizing local, licensed cross-country movers in Denver, CO, can simplify and stress-free your relocation process. Having skilled movers throughout the relocation procedures allows homeowners to worry about the more critical things as they exit one chapter of their life and move into the next. Getting all your household belongings and transporting them to your new home and delivery location is just the beginning of your journey – unpacking and settling into the place is another story. As you go through your to-do list and transition to your new neighborhood, follow some steps to simplify the move-in process.

Walkthrough & Map Things Out

You have likely physically visited and got a good idea of what your new home looks like before purchasing or renting the place out. However, that is not the case for everyone, and even if you have had the opportunity to get to know the house beforehand – once all of your stuff arrives, you will need to become more familiar with every room. Begin by doing a complete home walkthrough before everything is offloaded – this will allow you to become acquainted with the space and start mapping out what and who will go where. Create a plan as to what goes where before all your furniture and boxes are dropped off so that the movers can simply place things where they go. This will make your life easier and speed up unpacking – and future decorating!

Set Up Utilities and all Necessities

Alongside checking for visible damage, you need to ensure all necessary utilities- electricity, internet, water, trash, and cable – are set up and ready to go for the basic functioning of your household. This is something that you can investigate before the move-in process so that it is all prepared for your arrival, and upon arriving, simply double-check to ensure everything is working properly. If you have children or pets, you will want to check out anything that could interfere with their safety or everyday needs and properly child/pet proof the house. Investigating all the plumbing, water, and electrical will give you peace of mind during the move-in process, easing the comfort of your transition.

Clean, Clean, & Clean a Little More

One of the most essential parts of any move-in is the grueling, sometimes overwhelming but always rewarding, cleaning process. Cleaning is something that every homeowner must do; it allows us to take pride in our surroundings and maintain a space that everyone is comfortable in. When transitioning into a new place, you will never know how thoroughly the home was cleaned and disinfected before moving in. This is why taking the time to go through the procedures yourself or hiring a professional cleaning service to complete the process allows for safety and security as you settle into your new place.

Prepare for Any Necessary Repairs

During your walkthrough, make notes and take a picture of any visible or noticeable damage. If you have recently purchased this home, you will want to defer anything damaged to the previous owners and the agreement reached upon the sale. When you agree to rent this home, you will contact your landlord to ensure all those repairs are fixed upon move-in or before your delivery date. This also provides a solid list and complete documentation of any damage before you took possession of the property! When working with a professional moving company, they will take every precaution and utilize protective equipment to ensure your house stays in the condition you purchased or began your lease.

Meet the Neighbors

Lastly, but probably most importantly – heading out into your new neighborhood and community to meet those next door, down the street, and beyond allows you to become immersed in the town. You can get to know everyone at once by throwing a nice move-in party and inviting everyone on your street – this can relieve the pressure of having all those in-depth one-on-one conversations and allows you to mingle. Putting your best foot forward requires help and the support of those around you and local moving experts to get you there.

Denver City Movers in Denver, CO, is a family-owned and operated business in the Mile High City. They are committed to providing excellent long-distance and cross-country moving services to fellow families in the community and nationwide. Denver City movers are dedicated to creating a modern moving experience and providing simple, affordable relocation solutions that remain accessible to everyone. Without a well-equipped mover, getting to your new home can be daunting. The first step to the rest of your life is simple – contact local movers and get your free estimate; you are one step closer to moving into your new home!