Lucciana Ochoa Mora, Personal Life and Net Worth

Lucciana Ochoa Mora

Lucciana Ochoa Mora is a little celebrity kid, popular for being the daughter of famous footballer Guillermo Ochoa. Her father is a world-renowned player and this is the reason that Lucciana Ochoa Mora has become popular at such a tender age.

Today, we are going to talk everything about Lucciana Ochoa Mora including her childhood, birth details, education, work, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

Lucciana Ochoa Mora was born on 8 February, 2013 in Lucciana, Corsica to Guillermo Ochoa and Karla Mora. Since her parents are Mexican, we believe that she too must be Mexican. Other than this, there is no information available on the childhood of Lucciana Ochoa Mora. Moving on to the love life of Lucciana Ochoa Mora, since she is just a 9-year-old girl, it is brainless to talk about her love life.

Parents and siblings

Lucciana Ochoa Mora is the eldest daughter of Guillermo Ochoa and Karla Mora. Her parents started dating sometime before the birth of Lucciana Ochoa Mora. In 2013, they welcomed Lucciana Ochoa Mora and went on welcoming their second child in 2015. After having two kids, the couple decided to get hitched in 2017. They exchanged their vows in 2017 in a star-studded wedding in Ibiza, Spain. In 2019, the couple had another daughter. So in total, Lucciana Ochoa Mora has one brother and one sister. both are younger than her.

Speaking of the professions of Lucciana Ochoa Mora’s parents, her father is a renowned Mexican football, while her mother is a Mexican model.


Lucciana Ochoa Mora herself is a little child today, this is why there is no chance of her having any kids right now.

Education and profession

Considering the age of Lucciana Ochoa Mora, we are pretty sure that she must have started going to school. However, we don’t have confirmed information about the education of Lucciana Ochoa Mora because her parents never disclosed it to the public. As for the profession, this is needless to say that Lucciana Ochoa Mora is not involved in any profession right now.

Reason for the popularity of Lucciana Ochoa Mora

Her parents are the main reason that makes her popular at this tender age. This little angel is often spotted with her parents and she is so cute that people cannot resist but adore her cuteness.

Net worth of Lucciana Ochoa Mora

As we already told you that Lucciana Ochoa Mora is only 9 years old and is not professionally active yet, how can she be an owner of net worth? Yes, you guessed it right. Lucciana Ochoa Mora does not have any net worth, as of today. However, she is living a luxurious life. All thanks to her father, who has a whooping net worth of 5 million.


Lucciana Ochoa Mora is a little cute girl. Her cuteness is to die for. Seeing her beauty today, we are pretty sure that she is going to be a beautiful woman like her mother one day.