Loretta Jean Palmer Finley, Personal Life and Net Worth

Loretta Jean Palmer Finley

Loretta Jean Palmer Finley is a celebrity mother, who died recently and garnered media attention. To make things clear for you, she is the mother of American actress Tish Cyrus. Apart from her daughter, her grandchildren including Miley Cyrus are also quite popular.

Today, we are here to unfold the never-told details about Loretta Jean Palmer Finley such as her birth details, family, childhood education, work, net worth, and other such things.

Personal life

The only thing known about the childhood of this American celebrity mother is that she was born in 1935. The exact DOP and birthplace of Loretta Jean Palmer Finley are still not known. Not just that, the names of her parents are also a mystery to the public. Loretta Jean Palmer Finley lived a happy and long life. She died at the age of 85 in 2020.

There is a little bit of information available on the love life of Loretta Jean Palmer Finley. She is said to have married a man named Glenmore Finley. The couple shared a very strong relationship. After the death of her husband in 1986, she chose to remain single till her death.

Parents and siblings

As we just said that there is little to know information available on the childhood of Loretta Jean Palmer Finley, the names of her parents are not known. The same goes for the siblings of Loretta Jean Palmer Finley. We don’t know whether she had any siblings or not.


With her husband Glenmore Finley, Loretta Jean Palmer Finley had one child named Tish Cyrus, who is today a famous American actress and producer. The duo of mother and daughter shared a very close bonding. After the death of Loretta Jean Palmer Finley, her daughter mourned the death of her mother on her social media handle. With her daughter, she had five grandchildren named Miley Cyrus, Braison Cyrus, Trace Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, and Brandi Cyrus.

Education and profession

Well, here again, you won’t find any confirmed information on the education of Loretta Jean Palmer Finley. The reason being there is no information available on this. Neither Loretta Jean Palmer Finley nor her actress daughter has never ever spoken about this either. As for the profession of Loretta Jean Palmer Finley, it is not known what she did professionally during her young age. In her later years, Loretta Jean Palmer Finley used to run a fan club for her granddaughter Miley Cyrus, who was very close to Loretta Jean Palmer Finley.

Reason for the popularity of Loretta Jean Palmer Finley

Of course, it’s the daughter of Loretta Jean Palmer Finley who made her popular. The American actress, Tish Cyrus, was often spotted with her mother. Besides that, she also shared a very close bonding with her mother.

Net worth of Loretta Jean Palmer Finley

As you already know that the profession of Loretta Jean Palmer Finley is not known to the public, assuming her net worth is also not possible. If you talk about the net worth of her daughter, she holds a stunning net worth of around 20 million right now.


Popularity came late in life for Loretta Jean Palmer Finley but she enjoyed it completely. During her last years, she remained in the headlines because of her daughter and granddaughters.