How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower and What Gifts to Give the Expectant Mom

Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

A baby shower is a great way for friends and family of an expectant mother to celebrate their forthcoming delivery as well as enjoy an event all about them. No pregnancy is a walk in the park, and that’s why this kind of event is so beneficial, and that’s before we even factor in the great presents that she’ll get, which will no doubt be a mixture of functional and decorative. While planning the perfect baby shower and considering what gifts to give, it might be helpful to understand the needs of a newborn; for example, Caden Lane offers useful advice on what a baby should wear under a swaddle, which could inspire some thoughtful gift ideas.

Ideally, if you’ve been entrusted with the honorable duty of planning the baby shower, then you’ll have a few others to help you plan it, as you want it to be as special and organized as possible.

Here are some key aspects and tips to keep in mind when planning the baby shower.

Time it Well

Most baby showers happen somewhere between weeks 28 and 32; the key here is that the expectant mother is comfortable taking part and being the center of attention at her special event.

Clearly, this timing may be impacted by personal circumstances, and always check with her about what suits her best. While a surprise baby shower might sound fun in theory, it really isn’t suitable in practice.

Pre or Post-Baby Schedule?

Though it has always, traditionally, been the case that a baby shower occurs prior to the baby’s delivery, it has become more and more common for the fun event to occur a few weeks after the birth. 

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, you should discuss with the mother to be about what would work best for her. 

Set Up a Gift Registry That Covers a Variety of Age Relevant Presents

Anyone who has had a baby, or has experienced seeing a child grow, will know that no gift will last very long. Either the clothing will no longer fit, the toys won’t be age relevant, and perhaps even if they are a specific apparatus to help mom (thinking breast pumps, bottle sterilizers, etc.), the shelf-life of these presents is fleeting.

The best way to cover yourself is to list a large number of presents in any registry you set up and make sure they cover a wide age range; that way, the gifts won’t all cease to be relevant after a matter of the first few weeks. From this, you may consider having organic cotton underwear for toddlers and kids that you can buy from sites like Q for Quinn Inc., these will ensure the comfort of your baby.

This way, the overall selection will be the gift that keeps giving.

Don’t Frown at Gift Cards for Drug Stores and Supermarkets

While these presents are not exactly imaginative, they can be a lifesaver. 

In the early months, and until the baby turns 18, the cost of keeping them fed, warm and clean mounts up in a big way. 

Gifting a store card with a decent amount of credit could be just what is needed. Sure, it’s not very clever or well thought-out in terms of a present, as such, but it will be more than gladly accepted. You can look to jazz it up if you include it in a nice card with good wishes from all those who clubbed together.

Present Just for Mom

One gift that would be absolutely perfect for mom is something that suits the occasion with the correct amount of gravitas and is still unique and has that personal touch that we all want from our gifts, and that’s a stylish necklace for mom, which can include the chosen name for her child. 

These are simply delightful and come in all manner of styles. They don’t necessarily have to include the name of the child to be, perhaps she hasn’t chosen a name, but they can celebrate her path to becoming a parent. This kind of present very much fits the occasion and is a beautiful gift to give at a baby shower.

Plan the Shower Somewhere Other than the Mother’s House

Why not select a different venue for the baby shower? Either at a friend’s house or, if your budget stretches, in a nearby hotel, bar, or cafe. The last thing a heavily pregnant woman wants to do is fuss over making their place as spotless as possible for the event, and they sure as hell don’t want to have to clear up after their own party.

If it’s hosted elsewhere, that takes a lot of stress away from mom and makes it feel more like a real party. Additionally, if you host it at a local business, then that will make the nightmare of the menu and drinks much easier to cater to, as opposed to working out who will make what dessert and who is bringing what dish. 

Think About Both Parents

While obviously, the expectant mother is the most important person at a baby shower, she is, after all, doing all the heavy lifting; you should look to include the father or partner in the baby shower. 

Similarly, there is a good chance that others who might be attending are not moms or have little interest in that aspect (beyond celebrating their friend’s impending parenthood, of course), so try to make them feel more included in the whole process.

Who Is Invited and How Many Is Too Many?

Again, you’ll need to discuss this at length with the expectant mother. It can be a bit tricky as no one wants to accidentally forget to invite the relevant parties. In our view, intimate events are more memorable and easier to plan and undertake successfully.

Some opt for women-only events, but that’s a little outdated as a concept. Consider a max of a dozen people, as otherwise, things tend to get needlessly complicated. That doesn’t mean that more people won’t be sent a link or details of the baby registry; it just means that the party should be reserved for close friends and family.