How Much Does Lap Band Surgery Cost?


The popularity of weight loss surgery is rising rapidly in different parts of the USA. The patient’s condition, the budget, and other factors are considered for the surgery. Out of different varieties, lap band surgery seems to be one of the preferred options for patients and doctors. Given its rising popularity and extensive use, more and more insurance service providers are covering the lap band cost . Certain aspects influence the cost of lap band surgery and the degree of insurance coverage.

Experience and credentials of the surgeon

A lap band surgery is an outpatient surgical procedure with minimal complications, especially compared to other weight loss procedures. Like any surgery, it is performed under general anesthesia and includes complex steps. Furthermore, an experienced and skilled surgeon is recommended to reduce side effects and other associated risks. As such, the fees for experienced surgeons are higher, affecting the total cost of the lap band surgery.

Location of the Practice

A patient can always expect the lap band cost to be more expensive in major cities than smaller regions. It is mainly because major metropolitan cities have higher costs of living and higher rents as well. Moreover, surgery can be expensive in an area where only a few lap band surgeons perform the procedure. Studies show that a few states in the USA have higher obesity rates, with more prevalent weight loss surgeries. In such locations, the average cost of the surgery is significantly lower.

Due to the different lap band surgery expenses, patients often travel from one state to   another for a budget-friendly operation. Despite the price variations, patients must thoroughly research the credentials and experiences of the surgeon before picking one.

Surgical Procedure Venue

A lab band surgery is less complicated than most bariatric surgical procedures. It means that the surgery can be performed either in a hospital or at a private clinic. In case the surgical procedure is taking place at a private clinic, it must be certified by the American Association  for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities to ensure the safety of the patients. The hospital costs and other related medical fees can cost way more than a private center. Thus, the venue of the surgical procedure can significantly influence the cost of the entire surgery.

Administration of Anesthesia

Laparoscopic gastric banding surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It can be administered either by a certified anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist. Most surgeons performing the surgery in the hospital prefer the expertise of a certified anesthesiologist. If the patient is concerned with the higher lap band cost, they can request to be administered by a nurse anesthetist and keep the fees on the lower end. Apart from paying the anesthesia administrator, the patient must pay for the associated supplies and anyone assisting with the anesthesia.

Adjustment Expenses, PostSurgery Care, and Health Insurance

When budget is a significant concern, it is recommended to ask the surgeon about the current cost of the device used, along with band adjustments and regular reviews. Most lap band surgery patients require band adjustments a minimum of 6 to 10 times in the first couple of years. Depending on the number of band adjustments and follow-ups, the cost of the lap band surgery will vary from one patient to the other. Moreover, the cost of the lap band surgery is also influenced by the degree of health insurance coverage. Some insurance providers offer coverage plans to address obesity issues. On the other hand, a few offer a portion of the range. Hence, patients have to plan their budgets accordingly.


A lap band surgery is a costly affair, given the number of complex steps that are involved.   Though the chances of complications and side effects are minimal, it is still a major surgery that needs to be performed by an experienced surgical team. Depending on the patient’s    physical condition, the surgery’s venue, and the surgeon’s expertise, the lap band cost will vary from one patient to the other.