Always Administer Employment Screening for Private Security


Companies providing private security services encounter liability issues. Private security guards work in various sectors, like baking, retail stores, commercial buildings, and entertainment events in the USA. A thorough background check or Private Security Employment Screening is the best defense against negligent or wrong hiring claims. Several incidents involving private security guards exhibit the importance of mandatory screening.

Most states comply with some state and Federal regulation standards to conduct employment background screening in the private security industry.

Why is Background Screening Vital?

There are multiple reasons why private security guard background screening is ideal.

Hones ty of Applicants

Every minute information in the resume and job application is under scrutiny by employers.

The security companies double-examine the facts to ensure accurate information about qualifications, identity, and past employment records.

Protection Against Lawsuits

If a company recruits a convicted criminal as a private security guard, it can suffer severe litigation and lawsuits. If the company is aware of the applicant’s criminal record, the company gets sued if something vandalism occurs. Employment screening saves litigation expenses and also retains the reputation of the company.

Viable Insurance Claims

A company fails to file an insurance claim for stolen assets if it hires a private security guard with a past criminal conviction and theft record. Conducting a private security employment screening reveals data and information about a candidate’s past and present activities.

What Do Employers Look Atin Emp loyment Screening?

A private security guard is the first defense when anything wrong happens. Businesses entrust the safety and protection of their customers, employees, property, and assets to security guards. Conducting an efficient Private Security Employment Screening is a serious matter. Employers look for certain aspects through background checks.

  • Criminalconvictions
  • Pastemploymentperformance
  • Creditchecks
  • Drivingrecords
  • Sexoffender database
  • Drugand Alcohol Abuse
  • Referenceverification
  • Militaryor Police service verification
  • Identityverification

Why Pre-Employment Screening for Private Security Guards?

Pre-employment evaluation is ideal to help companies recognize potential vulnerabilities and risks when hiring new private security guards. Pre-employment screening as a part of the recruitment process can reduce the possibility of security breaches and other unwanted incidents. Security breaches can cost millions in litigation cases and impact the confidence and trust of customers. To mitigate risks, a proactive approach to recruitment helps. The best way is to conduct pre-employment evaluation.

Enhanced Workplace Security

One of the highlighting benefits of pre-employment private security guard screening is ensuring a more secure and harmonious workplace environment. Private Security Employment Screening helps employers to disqualify employers with criminal records and a security threat to the company. Pre-employment screening mitigates security risks and dangers before hiring an applicant.

Streamlined Hiring Process

Preemployment screening helps companies save money and time. Employers identify competent and qualified candidates quicker and more efficiently. It is because employers don’t waste time and resources interviewing incompetent or wrong candidates.

High-Quality Recruitment

A pre-employment assessment is an ideal tool to identify the skills and qualifications of

applicants. The evaluation helps employers to understand and recognize the most suitable candidates for tasks. Moreover, pre-assessment identifies employee demands and gaps in the skills of applicants. Security is pivotal in any company. Pre-employment security guard  screening assures the hiring of top performers and improves an organization’s security.

Private Drug Scree n i ng For Private Sec urity G uards

Drugs and alcohol abuse, especially in the private security sector, creates hazards to businesses and individuals. Studies claim that many security guards show positive alcohol     and drug use. Drug and substance abuse lowers productivity and increases hostile behavior, resulting in an unstable work ambiance. Drug testing of private security guards is not mandatory, but conducting drug and alcohol screening is necessary to safeguard the business. Most security companies run a pre-employment background check, regular drug screening, random check, post-surgery or post-accident drug test, and ensure a drug-free workplace.

The effectiveness of private security often relies on the tools they use to uphold safety standards. From surveillance cameras to communication devices with Motorola two-way radio battery, equipped guards can swiftly respond to incidents, further strengthening the protective measures in place.


When a company wants to enhance its hiring process, the Private Security Employment Screening method is ideal. By using pre-employment evaluation, companies can efficiently assess the potential and skills of a private security guard. Furthermore, the employment screening helps authenticate and verify candidates’ identity, employment history, and criminal conviction records.