Hero Glamour Xtech – Best bike to purchase this year


Due to its inexpensive price and excellent fuel efficiency, the Hero Glamour Xtech is among the most well-liked 125 cc commuter bikes in India. The Hero Glamour 125 is an appealing motorbike that is suitable for riders of all ages, as the name would imply.

A consumer should think about its refined engine and cheap maintenance costs before placing a bet on it. The handling and engine refinement, especially at high speeds, feel a touch underwhelming.

One amazing fact about this is that Hero sold 30,58,185 vehicles between April and October 2022 as opposed to 27,99,698 vehicles during the same time the prior fiscal year. Hero MotoCorp total sales jumped around 1.9% to 462,608 in August 2022. One of its best selling bikes is Glamour Xtech.

Why Glamour Xtech could be the best purchase of 2022?

This Hero motorbike is drawing a lot of attention as the cost of petrol and motorcycles continues to rise. Hero Glamour Xtech price is the other reason to attract the attention of many people. Let’s checkout the reasons why buying this model can be a good purchase.

  • Better riding experience

The Glamour now has a 5-speed gearbox, which is substantially superior to the older, 4-speed one, thanks to the introduction of the BS6 model. With the addition of the 5-speed transmission, it is now a superior bike for commuting on both highways and in cities.

  • Best-in-class mileage

The new Glamour Xtech specifications includes a 124.7 cc motor that, although it may not have industry-leading power or torque numbers, excels in fuel efficiency. The bike should provide you with fuel efficiency of around 60 km per liter under regular riding conditions, and on the highway, it may provide up to 70 km per liter. This makes it a very useful bike for commuting in cities.

  • Best-in-class Build

Hero motorcycles are widely regarded for their ability to hold up over time, and the Hero Glamour is no exception. The remaining parts and materials appear to be well-made, which gives us a positive sense of the bike’s overall quality. .In general, the basic parts and components are of high quality and have a high durability.

  • Great After-Sale Assistance

The reputable after-sales assistance of the company lies behind the Hero Glamour. The owners of the automobile have had a great experience with routine maintenance, and the availability of parts is also better than most of its competitors. Additionally, the cost of replacing the parts is not prohibitive, making it an economical bike over time.

  • Light and easy to ride

The Hero Glamour is one of the lightest motorcycles in its class, making it one of the most useful bikes for riders who will spend the most of their time in urban settings. With a curb weight of only 123 kg for the disc version, the Hero Glamour is undoubtedly a bike that most of us can ride easily.

As a workhorse, the Glamour is designed to tote heavy loads without tiring. Because of this, if you’re doing lengthy rides, the ride quality might seem rather easy and comfy, with superior grip on the entire bike.

Features and Pricing

The completely digital instrument panel is one of the bike’s most significant upgrades. Due to Bluetooth connection, the rider will be able to obtain SMS and phone notifications. The bike is made more useful with an integrated USB phone charger.

The headlight is said to be brighter, according to the firm. A bank angle sensor that shuts off the engine in the event of a tumble is another characteristic of the new Glamour XTec. Aesthetic upgrades include a new matte black paint job with silver accents, 3D branding, and silver rim tapes.

The Hero Glamour Xtec costs as little as Rs. 85,338 in India. It comes in 2 models and 4 colors, with the Top variant beginning at Rs. 89,925 in pricing.


Hero Glamour Xtech has exceptional mileage, providing more than 60 kilometers per liter. It provides a pleasant ride that makes traveling on rough roads possible. The bike is stable due to its weight, but it does not give riders a sense of confidence while riding quickly.

A modest update was given to the BS6 Hero Glamour. The front fascia includes a redesigned headlamp with DRLs on both sides. The front cowl now has a brand-new plastic panel with a 3D “Hero” emblem.

The side panels and fuel tank extensions have also undergone light styling. The taillight now resembles a “H.” Overall, the design is much better than the previous version. It can accommodate two people comfortably.

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