First-time Parents: 5 Worthwhile Changes in the Home Before the Baby Comes


You’re pregnant! The excitement about the coming event is like nothing you’ve felt before. But so is the feeling of being overwhelmed by the preparations for the little one’s arrival. And believe us, those nine months can go by very quickly. So, what should you prioritise to get done before the due date?

It’s worth making plans for what you’ll need when baby arrives, but also what will help during the first few years of his or her life. You’ll be kept busy with diapers, games and perhaps a tantrum or two, so you’ll thank us later for everything we suggest you get done now already. Apart from nursery renovations, that list can include everything from skylight installation Melbourne parents often prioritise, to pest control, especially in more rural areas.

Here’s the list to help you plan.

Upgrades to Consider During the Pregnancy Months

Renovations that Will Benefit Parenthood

You may enjoy your home the way it is now but consider what will be more practical once there’s a baby in the house. For example, hardwood or laminated flooring will be much easier to keep clean than carpets.

Also assess the rooms you’ll start using more, to take care of the baby. You’ll spend a lot of time in the kitchen warming bottles or preparing food, and you’ll have bath times. Do you have appropriate surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom that make for easy workflows during these tasks?

If you ever thought about upgrading these rooms, now is the time!

Create Healthier, More Practical Spaces

You can also improve spaces by making them more beneficial to you and your baby’s health. If you live in an older home, make sure there aren’t any areas that still contain asbestos and if there’s furniture known for high levels of VOCs, perhaps replace them?

Furthermore, add features that carry benefits for everyone, but will ensure an optimally advantageous living environment for your child. With custom skylights in any part of the home you’ll have less need of artificial light AND natural light is known to boost people’s moods. When the pressures of parenting start affecting your life, maybe a little sunshine—instead of a bright artificial light—will help keep your spirits up on a tough day.

Get Important Maintenance Done

Along with big changes, make sure your general maintenance is done. Here are tasks you may have been able to put off until now, but no longer!

  • Fix any issues at your entry ways, such as loose planks on your porch steps. You don’t want to trip and fall while carrying your baby.
  • If you suspect there’s a pest infestation on the property, get it investigated before the delivery. Certain pest control techniques will require pesticides and chemicals, which can affect those living in the house. Even if you can keep everyone safe by staying elsewhere for a night or two, travelling is more complicated when there’s a baby, so rather get pests sorted NOW.
  • Mould can affect your health and a small baby may be more susceptible to its effects. Rather fix moisture problems now already, so there’s no risk of the spores causing allergic reactions.

Review Furniture for the Long Term

You’re likely to buy a new crib for the nursery, but also consider what other furniture will make parenting easier. It’s wise to replace glass coffee tables even before the baby’s first step, so there’s less risk of them breaking one and getting injured.

Also, buy for your own comfort—a recliner chair in the baby room means you can get some sleep, without risking waking the baby while trying to sneak out silently.

New Quarters for Pets

Pets do form part of the family, but change is inevitable. If your dog is used to sleeping on the bed and you’re not sure if it will work once you’re co-sleeping with the baby, buy a cosy dog bed long before the baby arrives. You can position it in your bedroom and give the dog time to get used to the new smells and arrangement, in case you need to enforce it later on.

Is Babyproofing Necessary?

So, we haven’t mentioned babyproofing yet. Should you do any of it?

You can never go wrong making your home safer by babyproofing cupboards and doors. However, view this task as an ongoing one and know that each family’s babyproofing looks different. Some children love climbing on chairs, while others prefer opening any doors they can. As your child grows and shows his or her interests, you’ll make more changes around the home.

Remember to Enjoy the Journey!

Hopefully, having a plan will help you get more done and feel less overwhelmed in the months ahead. Remember, no parent will ever do everything right. Simply do your best, according to what your energy and budget allows.

You will also figure it out as you go on, but having at least one or two of these suggestions in place will make your home a little easier to manage with a baby, toddler or teen living there too.