10 Top Reasons to Go for Sectional Garage Doors with Your Next Upgrade


If you’re looking for an instant way to give your home an instant makeover, consider upgrading your garage door. In addition to enhancing the overall aesthetic, it’s also an opportunity to improve your security features.

With the potential costs involved in upgrading your garage door, it’s crucial to choose a door type that ticks all the boxes. One such option is the ever-popular sectional garage door that’s making an appearance all over Australian garages.

10 Major Benefits of Choosing Sectional Garage Doors

Gone are the days when garage door choices were limited. With the wide range currently on the market, there’s no reason to settle for second best during your upgrade. Here’s why you should consider adding sectional doors to your shortlist.

1. Enhanced Security

It’s more essential than ever to increase the security around your home. This is especially true for areas that house your most valuable items—such as your car—or lead into the home itself. With that said, upgrading to sectional garage doors enables you to instantly improve the strength and security of your garage door.

2. Creating More Space

Since sectional garage doors open vertically, they’re suspended under the ceiling and in the process leave considerably more space in comparison to most traditional door designs. This works well for homeowners who may benefit from the additional space to park bigger vehicles or have more storage.

3. Fits All Garage Opening Spaces

If your garage door hasn’t been upgraded in many years, and has an unusual shape or design, chances are you’ve had some difficulty finding a door design that fits. In this instance, you’ll be excited to learn that sectional garage doors can be customised to fit any garage opening. This includes doors that are dome-shaped, unusually wider and even arched.

4. Manual or Electrical Opening Options

Whether or not you prefer manual or electric opening mechanisms is entirely a matter of personal preference! Fortunately, sectional doors are available in both options.

If you prefer the convenience of the motorised options, you’ll easily be able to get solutions that are made using advanced high-cycle motors. These make it possible to operate the system with on-site safety systems in case of an emergency.

5. Simple to Use

With their impressive combination of lightweight materials and compact design, sectional doors are amazingly simple to operate. It’s a user-friendly product thanks to straightforward features, so no learning curve required.

6. Good Choice for Small Driveways

Many homes don’t have the advantage of large driveways and as a result homeowners need to install the right type and garage door size to enable maneuvering in narrow spaces. Luckily, sectional garage doors are also excellent for shorter driveways because the doors open upwards instead of outwards. This means you can park your car close to the door if you have limited space, without the risk of the car being in the way of the moving door.

7. Many Design Options to Choose From

One of the top reasons sectional garage doors are so popular is that they are available in a wide range of styles and colours. You can customise the door to match any type of aesthetic, including classic, traditional and even contemporary styles. So, easily easily mimic the design style you already have on the exterior of your home to create a sense of cohesion.

If you’re using your garage for more than just vehicle storage—such as a work area for your hobbies—you can consider including windows at the top section of the door. This adds to the aesthetic value and at the same time allows natural light into your garage space.

Note: installing this type of door on your outdoor shed is a practical way to secure your tools as well as maintain the aesthetic of your property.

8. Easy to Replace Panels

Sectional garage doors are made from durable materials that are designed to withstand Australian weather conditions and are guaranteed to last a long time. However, if something happens to a part of your garage door, the good news is that you can simply replace the panel that has been damaged. So, when you’ve installed these types of garage doors Mornington homes often have, there’s rarely any need to replace the entire door.

9. Commercial Options Available

More good news is that sectional garage doors can be installed in commercial spaces and outdoor sheds as well. This is an excellent option for commercial storage spaces that might require wider garage doors.

10. Annual Servicing Can be Arranged

To maintain the durability of your garage door, you can easily arrange annual servicing from the experts that install your door. Keep in mind that sectional garage doors are operated by a large spring that in conjunction with a series of cables, does all the heavy lifting. Proper maintenance will be needed to maintain the retention of the springs.

Final Thought

There are many reasons to install a sectional garage door with your next upgrade. Not only will you be able to customise the door to fit your space and unique needs, but you’ll also be creating a durable option that will enhance your current outdoor aesthetic. That’s value for money!