Exploring Scenic Routes and Beautiful Surroundings While Teaching Abroad

Exploring Scenic Routes and Beautiful Surroundings While Teaching Abroad

Indonesia, New Zealand, Italy, Malaysia – just some of the world’s most beautiful countries. It’s no surprise that so many people long to discover them. However, overseas adventures can be costly. Fortunately, there’s a solution that allows you to explore scenic routes and beautiful surroundings while also earning a living.

Teaching abroad is a fantastic way to travel while you work, and with so many prospective students worldwide who are keen to practice their English conversation skills online, there’s no shortage of opportunities.  Teaching English as a foreign language is a rewarding career path, not only because of the income you can bring in, but also because of the joy you can derive from helping learners develop and improve their skills. Just check out how to do best countries to teach English abroad searches online and you’ll open up a host of TEFL possibilities that will allow you to fulfil your dream of exploration while enjoying an exciting career.

So, where are the most stunning locations to visit while pursuing your new career path? Let’s take a look at some of the most scenic and attractive routes and destinations for you to travel to.


For a true cultural experience, there’s no better destination to explore than India. With its unique smells, sounds, and sights, this amazing country allows you to uncover centuries of fascinating history, with countless temples, famous landmarks, the Ganges River, and even glorious beaches.

Perhaps the most scenic route to discover is the Golden Triangle. Extending between Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, this loop is packed with amazing and historic sights. Your adventure will begin in Delhi, where you can see eight ruined cities that tell the tale of the nation’s Islamic empires. Must-see attractions include the Red Fort, the Chandni Chowk bazaars, and Humayan’s Tomb.

As you head towards Agra, swing past Vrindavan and Mathura, the sacred cities, before visiting the world-renowned Taj Mahal and the less famous Fatehpur Sikri, a sandstone red city before moving on to Jaipur, where the Pink City has bazaars and palaces aplenty to complete your voyage of discovery in between teaching online English classes.


South-East Asia boasts some of the most glorious scenery in the world, and as a TEFL professional, indulging in everything it has to offer is a breeze. A diverse and friendly nation, Thailand draws in countless visitors every year to see its ancient temples, palm-lined beaches, floating markets, and tropical islands.

Whether you’re looking forward to snorkelling or scuba diving in clear waters, hiking unspoilt nature trails, immersing yourself in local culture, or getting up close and personal with wildlife such as monkeys and elephants, you’ll easily be able to fit your hobbies in around your teaching commitments.

One of the most scenic routes to discover has to be a road trip from Rayong to Hua Hin via Pattaya and Bangkok. You can begin your journey on the small but perfectly formed island of Koh Samet before moving onto Pattaya, one of the best-known Thai cities that is just as famous for its 24-hour clubs and cabaret bars, and its notorious Walking Street as its Wat Phra Yai temple with its 18-metre-tall Buddha.

Bangkok, of course, requires no introduction. The perfect destination whether you love to party, eat, discover history, or shop, this buzzing and vibrant city has something for everyone to enjoy before travelling on to the stunning beach resort of Hua Hin where you can relax on the sand, sip a cocktail, or even play a round of golf.


France is an excellent starting point for a European adventure and is a great place for digital nomads to pursue their online careers while discovering all of the delights that the country has to offer. Of course, Paris is a hotbed of culture, fashion, cuisine, and the arts, but head a little further afield and you’ll find peaceful, sleepy villages, historic walled towns, ancient cathedrals, spectacular Baroque palaces, and seemingly endless vineyards.

Whether you stay in hostels, apartments, or in a campervan during your adventure, you’ll have no difficulty in logging on to teach your classes thanks to a fantastic internet infrastructure. Whether you’re soaking up the sunshine in the Riviera or roaming the countryside of Dordogne, there’s a wealth of experiences to enjoy in your spare moments.

There is no shortage of scenic routes in France, but one of the most spectacular, especially for history enthusiasts, is the chateaux trail of the Loire Valley. Once a top vacation spot for French royalty, the area on the banks of the Loire River is home to a cluster to impressive estates and grand castles, all surrounded by vineyards and pretty villages.

Located in the heart of the country, it feels a world away from both the sun-soaked south and the hustle and bustle of the capital, with landscapes adorned with moats, turrets, and fairytale palaces.

Begin your journey in the ancient city of Orleans, best known as the place where Joan of Arc met her fate before moving onto the 16th century Chateaux de Chambord. Once the French king’s hunting lodge, it boasts landscaped gardens, astounding architecture, and a staircase designed by none other than Leonardo da Vinci.

Blois is the next stop on this tour of discovery, a city with a fascinating cultural heritage and a compact old town with amazing buildings, followed by the gorgeous town of Amboise, right on the riverside, where you can take out a rowing boat, enjoy a wine tasting tour, or discover traditional shops and boutiques.

Chinon is the final point of your adventure, after detours to the chateaux of Chenonceau and Villandry along the way. This medieval masterpiece of a town is dominated by its impressive Royal Fortress which presides over the winding streets with a majestic air.

Discover The World As A TEFL Professional

As an online English language teacher, the world is your oyster. You can arrange your classes around your sightseeing schedule, enabling you to enjoy the best of both worlds – the joy of adventure and the pleasure of a rewarding career.