Emily Katherine Tribe, Net Worth And Family

Emily Katherine Tribe

Emily was born on the 17th of October in 1980. She is from Australia; her mother is Julie Simmons, and her brother is Ben Simmons. We don’t know the identity of her father. However, we know she has three full siblings and one half-brother. The father of her half-brother is her stepfather Dave Simmons.

Emily is a professional rower, or at least she was in college. She attended an all-girls school in Melbourne, Victoria, where she started her rowing career.

Her Net Worth

Since Emily Katherine Tribe wishes to keep much of her life private, we currently do not have the necessary information about her net worth.

Her Husband

Michael Bush was born on the 16th of June in 1984. He went to a boy’s high school in Louisville, where he played quarterback on the football team in his senior year. He led his school football team to the state championships.

He continued his football career in college at his hometown university, the university of Louisville. In 2006 he was seen as one of the top 10 players for the NFL draft in 2007. Michael Bush signed with three different teams in his football career.

Michael Bush, the husband of Emily Katherine Tribe, has a net worth estimated at 14 million U.S. dollars.

Her Half-Brother

Ben Simmons is well-known for his basketball career; his parents are Dave and Julie Simmons. His parents are of African-American and Australian descent. Simmons followed in his father Dave’s footsteps regarding his passion for basketball. His father played basketball in college in the United States for Oklahoma City University before he made the big leagues. He joined a professional Australian basketball team known as the Melbourne Tigers in 1989, and it’s no wonder Ben is so into basketball as well.

Ben started playing basketball when he was seven years old and played for New Castle and Lake Macquarie. He started playing junior basketball when he was ten years old. He played for the Knox Raiders. After the Whitefriars won the Year-7 1A Basketball championship, Ben was named the MVP.

When Simmons was 15, he received a basketball scholarship from the Australian Institute of Sport. Also, at the age of 15, Ben represented Australia at the 2012 world championships. It was clear from a young age Ben was made for sports. He did have a tough time choosing between football (rugby) or basketball, but perhaps his genes came into play here as he decided to focus mainly on basketball.

In 2013 at 16, Ben found himself moving to America to improve his sport and face more suitable opponents. He started school in Florida, where he immediately joined the basketball team. While still in high school, he received multiple awards commending his skill in the game and his character as a person.

His professional career started in 2016 and was still going strong into 2022 until he was thrown a curve ball of a back injury. It is currently unclear if he will return to playing the sport professionally.

His net worth is about 6 million dollars, although his salary in 2021 was 33 million, so we suspect his net worth may have substantially increased.