Elevate Curb Appeal for Your Cornwall, PA Home


What do people think when they see your home from the outside? While you should not lose any sleep at night worrying about other people’s perceptions of your property, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t aspire to make your home look as beautiful as it can from the street or sidewalk.

This concept is known as curb appeal. Curb appeal is not just about making your home look more attractive to others, but also for yourself. When you love the look of your house and yard, it can give you the confidence needed to fully enjoy life in this home. Another benefit to improving the look of your home is attracting buyers when the time comes to sell the house. A property that looks good in pictures is far more likely to attract offers.

So what can you do to elevate the curb appeal of your Cornwall, PA home? Let’s break down some improvements that you could make that range in scale from neatening up small details to full-scale upgrade projects.


The simplest way to improve curb appeal is simply to clean things up. Over time, dirt, grime, weeds, and other unsightly junk can build up, taking away from the beauty of your property. Siding can develop stains from the wear and tear of nature, paint can start chipping on the front porch railing, and weeds can take over any front yard gardens. You would be surprised how much a little maintenance can do for the look of the property’s exterior. Consider power-washing the siding and entryway if they could use a touch-up. Apply a fresh coat of paint to spots that are fading or chipping. Clear the garden of weeds and consider adding a layer of mulch for better protection.

Update the Front Door

The front door to your home can make a statement. If it is painted a boring color or the style is outdated, it does no favors for the overall curb appeal of your home. This small but prominent feature on the front of your house is an opportunity to take advantage of new colors and styles. Pick a bold new paint that will complement the colors of your siding, shutters, and roof. Or, invest in a new door that embraces a change in style that will make it stand out more to passersby.

Replace Old Windows

New windows may not be immediately obvious from the street, but they can be important features that affect curb appeal. Old windows may be aesthetically unappealing, but they can also raise your utility bill if their insulation power has degraded over time. There are lots of options for window replacements on a budget, so you may not even have to break the bank to make this change. With updated windows, both you and those who pass by will like what you see when you look at the outside of the house.

Add a Garden

Another easy way to add some color to the exterior of the home is to put in a garden. This could be as simple as hanging potted plants from the porch overhang or as complex as designing a whole new garden in the front yard. Flowers come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, so there is a ton of diversity available for your little oasis. Gardens will also boost the mental health of you and your family, and they can be a great way to teach young children about caretaking and responsibility. Make sure you understand the basics of designing a beautiful garden so that it adds to your home’s curb appeal rather than takes away from it.

Put a Pathway in the Yard

Unique landscaping features can have a big impact on curb appeal. They make your home stand out from the others, demonstrating that you have put care and effort into the yard. A pathway is a simple feature that, nonetheless, can dramatically boost the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior. Various materials can be used to create a cool pathway that connects the entryway to the driveway or a garden to the backyard. A natural stone store in Cornwall, PA could be the perfect spot to choose some lovely materials and designs for your landscaping plans. Consider a natural-looking pathway that blends with your yard to elevate curb appeal.

Consult a Designer or Home Improvement Personalities for Inspiration

Home improvement is a thriving industry for a reason. Completing projects can be very satisfying on its own, but the added value for the homeowner makes the process even more enjoyable. The projects listed above are ideal curb appeal improvements that will give you more confidence in the look of your home while also appealing to others. If you end up selling the home, you will be glad that you invested in these improvements, as buyers will be more attracted to the property. If you need inspiration for your design choice, or are looking for other project ideas, platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can be incredibly helpful. Or, contact a home improvement professional in Cornwall, PA.