Budget-Friendly Replacement Windows: Which Style to Choose?

Must you break the bank to get the best replacement windows? No. You can choose quality and fashion-forward windows without overspending.  The key is to identify a style that melds with your den’s style and to snag windows designed to last.

To this end, you can see Maverick Windows product line, including custom-made replacement windows. Let’s dig deeper and break down some common and cost-effective window styles to help you choose.

1. Casement Windows

Casement windows are a popular, customizable, and cost-effective window style. On average, expect to pay between $300 and $750 for a casement window. The windows have one or more hinges on the side, allowing them to swing outward like a door. This makes them ideal for tight spaces where traditional double-hung windows may not fit. They also provide efficient ventilation and great views, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Casement windows are crafted from various materials, including vinyl and aluminum. They also meld well with other window designs. Thus, if your home sports a combination of window styles, you can easily add casement windows without disrupting the existing design. For instance, you can use picture windows on one side of a room and casement windows on the other.

And since security is a primary concern for many homeowners, casement windows are designed with features like multi-point locking systems. Besides, their crank mechanism can give a would-be burglar a tough time.

2. Picture Windows

Want an obstructed view of the great doors but don’t want to get a pricey window? Picture windows could be a great solution. These large yet functional rectangular windows sport a simple design without an opening mechanism. That also implies airflow isn’t a priority – these windows are typically installed as additions to areas with a great view.

Picture windows also allow plenty of natural light, giving your space an airy look. As such, they are great for living rooms and sunrooms.

If your area experiences mild weather or the cold and hot seasons aren’t a challenge, a picture window may suffice. And given that they don’t have mechanical parts like other window styles, they’re unlikely to break down. The going rate for a picture window is typically between $150 and $750 – depending on the shape or preferred size.

3. Slider Windows

As the name suggests, these sleek windows open horizontally along the frame, making them perfect for a modern home. For between $400 and $1000 a piece, slider windows allow you to reap the benefits of efficient ventilation without compromising style and security.

Their low price is due in part to the lack of mechanical parts. What’s more, installation is a breeze – you could even DIY if you know a thing or two about construction.

Slider windows can fit into tight spaces, thanks to their narrow frames. Their low-profile design can also blend gracefully into your existing space.

Likewise, they let in plenty of natural light and offer superior protection from the elements when closed. You can either spring for single and double-pane options, with vinyl being the most popular material.

Slider windows’ ease of operation and durability make them a popular choice among homeowners. That aside, they tend to stick over time, although you can avoid this pitfall with proper maintenance.

4. Single-hung Windows

Single-hung windows have two sections: one slides up while the other stays in place. With a budget of around $100 to $300, you can purchase single-hung windows, depending on the size and materials used. Installation costs about $100, meaning you can get a quality window for around $200 to $400.

This window type is one of the oldest styles available, although newer versions are more energy efficient and stylish. That said, they work well in traditional and modern homes. They also operate with minimal effort and are generally easy to clean.

Generally, these windows are more energy efficient than their pricier double-hung counterparts as they have fewer moving parts. To ensure airtightness and for added security, select windows featuring quality weather stripping around their frames. You may also opt for single-hung windows sporting grilles so you don’t sacrifice light for privacy.

However, single-hung windows can be harder to operate due to the weight of the upper sash. If you choose them, pick high-quality frames and materials that can last longer and provide better insulation.

Regardless of your budget, you don’t have to choose between style and function when exploring replacement window options – as the window types above show. Even so, don’t skimp on quality to save money. Choose window types with efficiency, durability, maintenance, and security in mind. And with guidance from an experienced window installation professional, you can find replacement windows that amplify your home’s curb appeal and serve you as intended.