Electric Trike Vs Electric Bike – What are the Main Differences?

Many people have taken steps towards a sustainable lifestyle and switched from gas-powered to electric vehicles. Electric tricycles and electric bikes have become popular modes of transportation in recent years due to their numerous benefits. As they are less expensive, more versatile, and more energy efficient than cars, they have huge demand in the markets. But it might be difficult to decide whether you should buy an electric bike or an electric tricycle. To help you make a decision, here is a comparison that will help you differentiate and choose between the two.

  1. Stability

One of the main differences between an electric bike and an electric tricycle is the stability each provides to the riders. Adults and people with mobility issues struggle with maintaining balance on a 2-wheel electric bike and trip off the electric bike. On the other hand, the electric trike has an additional rear wheel that provides maximum stability, and due to the lower center of gravity on an electric tricycle, you can easily balance it. So for someone who struggles with maintaining balance on an electric bike, it can be a great purchase.

  1.     Comfort

The most important thing to consider before buying an electric vehicle is comfort it provides you during the ride. It may be difficult to ride an electric bike for long hours, especially for people with joint pain, back pain, and spine issues. The electric bike, like manual bicycles, has a saddle without any back support, which may be uncomfortable for adults and people with back pain. On the other hand, 3-wheel electric bikes for seniors have a saddle with a backrest that supports your spine, providing optimum comfort during the ride.

  1.     Storage space

Depending on your use, you might also consider the storage space that each vehicle provides you. Since a 3-wheel electric bike takes up more space, it also has more storage space. It comes with a large storage bag at the rear end and a front basket, whereas the electric bike has a compact structure that provides less storage space. So if you want to buy an electric cycle for groceries or transportation, then a 3-wheel electric bike for seniors will be the best choice.

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  1.     Speed

Another factor that differs between a two-wheel electric bike and an electric tricycle is the speed. Electric trikes have large frames and are heavyweight, due to which they have a slower speed than electric bikes. An extra wheel may increase the contact surface and provides additional stability but allows slower mobility. Whereas an electric bike has much less weight and the compact structure allows easy mobility and faster speed than a 3-wheel electric bike.

  1.     Maneuver

Both the electric bike and electric tricycle ride differently. Electric bikes are easy to maneuver due to their compact structure and lightweight. You can ride your electric bike through narrow spaces and make sharp turns. On the other hand, a 3-wheel electric bike can be difficult to ride on narrow streets, and due to its wider footprint, turning an electric tricycle requires practice. A 3-wheel electric bike for seniors requires more space and time when turning it, and riders are advised to make a turn in advance and not lean over too much, or the rear wheels may get off the ground and roll over. So turning an electric tricycle might be a bit difficult, compared to the 2-wheel electric bike.

  1.     Pedaling

Though both electric bikes and 3-wheel electric bikes have a pedal assist system that requires minimal effort during pedaling, sometimes you may have to pedal on your own in case of low battery during the ride. In such cases, pedaling a two-wheel electric bike will be easier due to its less weight and easy mobility. Whereas, due to the heavy weight and large size, pedaling an electric trike might be difficult for someone with average fitness and strength.  

So these are some of the differences between an electric bike and an electric trike. Each of them has its pros and cons and buying any of them would be the right decision. But Depending upon how often you’ll use it, the daily distance you’ll cover and the purpose of buying an electric cycle, you can easily choose between the two.