Buy an Electric Bike Helping You Move Forward

Electric bikes have revolutionized the way people travel as they are a convenient way to move forward while being eco-friendly and efficient. Dedicated to providing an alternative to traditional bikes, cars, and other vehicles through their rechargeable batteries and efficient designs, e-bikes offer a practical and enjoyable alternative for people of all ages.

It is undeniable that electric bikes have many benefits, which is why increasing numbers of people use them to get around on a regular basis. Whether you need a bike to replace your car for short trips or you’re looking to include healthy exercise in your daily routine, electric bikes are the ideal option. Not only are they fast, economical, and sustainable but also stylish and provide a lot of fun to the rider. This can be really helpful, especially for urban dwellers as their lifestyles are stuck in a continuous loop of boring routines.

Buy an Electric Bike Helping You Move Forward

An e-bike is a bicycle that has a battery-powered motor that gives you a boost whenever you pedal, so you can cover more ground with less effort. Consequently, you can ride your electric bike for long distances, climb hills, ride against the wind, or handle long distances without fatigue. Furthermore, the two-wheel ride also offers multiple health and environmental benefits.

In the aftermath of COVID, people were more aware of personal transportation instead of public transportation for safety reasons. Additionally, the alarming environmental situation has made people prefer sustainable and green means of transportation.

These positive aspects are, however, unknown to many people. As a result, in this article, we will discuss how an electric bike can change the way you live and whether they are worth the investment.

How Electric Bikes Can Change Your Lifestyle?

Over the past few years, the number of electric bike sales has drastically increased, with people all over the world embracing the two-wheel ride. So, what exactly does this electrified two-wheel ride have to offer? Your lifestyle can be radically changed by e-bikes in the following ways:

#1 More physical activity

Life in urban cities can be pretty exhausting with no chances of exercise whatsoever. So, in this case, the electric bike has the ability to offer a convenient and accessible means to stay fit and healthy. Even if the motor on an e-bike supports you, you still need to pedal to move forward, which means you’re doing more physical activity than if you were driving a car. Furthermore, with pedal assist, you’re likely to ride your bike more often than a conventional bicycle. So, it’s a win-win scenario.

#2 Efficient commuting

Riding an electric bike to work is a far more efficient travel method than the rest. With it, you can move quickly by avoiding traffic, taking shortcuts, and reaching your destination without sweating. Bikers can even use separate paths and lanes in developed cities to get to work without hassle. In this way, you’ll be less worried about getting late to work and can focus on other worthwhile aspects of your life.

#3 Financial Freedom

Having an e-bike also allows you to travel without worrying about the cost. The bike runs on electricity so you don’t have to worry about fuel costs. Also, there is no parking fee, insurance fee, or maintenance fee, which means you can invest that extra money you would have spent on fuel or bus tickets elsewhere instead.

#4 Environmental responsibility

We all know that the situation of global warming and air pollution is getting dangerous day by day and the transportation sector is a major contributor to it. By switching from gas-powered vehicles to eco-friendly and sustainable transportation methods, you will emit no harmful gases and reduce your carbon footprint. This can help restore the environment for future generations.

#5 Adventure and exploration

You can also explore your surroundings in a fun and exciting way when riding an electric bike. Enjoying a road trip on your e-bike is far different from your car or other options. You can tackle more challenging terrains, engage in hunting or mountain climbing, and discover new places you wouldn’t have reached otherwise. This all can add fun and adventure to your routine.

Addmotor M-70 Retro Moped E-bike

When you feel convinced but don’t know where to start when it comes to getting an electric bike for your daily routine. There is no need to search further because the Addmotor M-70 is the right choice for your needs. With a retro-style frame design that combines vintage design with modern technology, the M-70 moped electric bike with fat tires is a suitable option for commuting, exploring, cruising, and adventures.

The fat tire cruiser is available in four colors including Pearl White, Yellow, Orange, and Vintage Green. However, the Addmotor M-70 goes beyond its aesthetically pleasing looks to provide reliable and efficient service. It is powered by a 750W Bafang motor that provides plenty of torque and acceleration. The motor is combined with a 48V*20Ah Samsung Lithium-ion battery that provides up to 105 miles per charge in PAS 1 mode.

The M-70 has a wide range of features that make it comfortable and convenient for riders of any age. For starters, it offers a generously padded and comfortable long banana seat that can easily accommodate two passengers. The 20-inch fat durable tires provide the e-bike with comfort and stability so you can ride it on any type of terrain whether it be snow, mud, or sand. The M-70 also has a 300 lbs payload capacity that can be used to carry whatever essentials you need on the go.

Additional features include a 5-inch LCD display that displays information such as speed, battery, PAS mode, etc. Lights in the front and rear are powered by the EB 2.0 electric system. In terms of safety and visibility, the taillight is a 5-in-1 multi-function patented approach that uses MUC chips in both the headlamp and the taillight.


To conclude, investing in an electric bicycle can transform a person’s lifestyle by making it more active, sustainable, and efficient. Besides being environmentally friendly and convenient, electric bikes have a variety of other benefits, including convenience, affordability, and utility. When you choose the right e-bike, you will feel comfortable, confident, and stylish. To find the one that matches your preferences, you can visit Addmotor.