Differences between Cisco simulator and gns3


If we are learning from Cisco Certified Network Engineer, we will need to use software such as simulators in the learning process. There are so many simulator software from Cisco that some novices do not know the difference between these simulators. As the author of Network Engineer’s Growth Diary, I will tell you what are some popular simulators.

1. Packet Tracert

This software is a simulation software officially developed by Cisco. This software is mostly used by students who have just entered the network engineering major. For example, freshmen and sophomores use more of it. Although this software is more suitable for friends who have just entered the field, it is still a little too simple.

With this software, you can master the basic configuration of Cisco devices, but it is a bit reluctant to be competent because the real interface simulated by Cisco’s official software is the same, but network failures and some phenomena generated during the configuration of real devices cannot be seen in this virtual simulation software, So this software is equivalent to being used by novices. If you want to be a professional network engineer, you are not recommended to use this software.

Pkt is a software that can complete most of the experiments at the Cisco entry-level CCNA certification level, I suggest that if you are a professional network engineer click website, it is enough for you to get familiar with the interface of this software and quickly change to another software. But if you are a college student and are not in a hurry to find a job, you can use this software to practice your skills. After all, this software is simple enough. As long as you can double-click the mouse, this software can basically be done.

2. gns3

This software is one of the most used software when learning Cisco certification. It is not an official Cisco software. You can understand this software as a simulator, but it runs exactly like the real Cisco device. It is the same with the virtual machine running on our computer. The operating system of the real device is run on the computer through software. In this way, the operating system and command line you use in your work and usual practice are the same, without any difference.

With this software, you can almost complete 80% or 90% of the experimental content you usually learn. So this software is the simulator software that we will almost certainly use in the learning process.

3. IOU andEVeng

This is a highly integrated virtualization software. It is a software that completes more simulators by installing a virtualized server on the computer.

It is a little more difficult to use and configure than the previous two software. It is also a fully virtualized software environment. With this software, we can simulate the scene of Cisco’s highest level CCIE exam or the real project case scene in the learning process.

So what the author of the growth diary of a network engineer suggests most is that, if you learn a certain degree, using this software is basically the best software that can make you crazy about doing experiments.spotodumps