Daniel Hernandez Piedra – Pablo Montero’s Son

Daniel Hernandez Piedra

Daniel Henandez Piedra is the son of Sandra Vidal and the famous telenovelas actor Pablo Montero. Daniel was born on February 22, 2006, and he has grown into a young teenage boy loved by her father’s fans. Daniel Hernandez’s father has been in the limelight for a long time and has gained popularity, drawing the same attention to his children. Continue reading to discover more interesting facts about Daniel Hernandez Piedra.

Daniel Hernandez Piedra’s Siblings

Daniel Hernandez Piedra is the firstborn, and he has two siblings. Daniel has a brother called Pablo Hernandez Vidal, born to Daniel’s parents on September 28, 2007. Daniel has a half-sister called Carolina Hernandez Van Wielink, and she was born on February 27, 1012. Daniel and Carolina share a father, but the mother of Daniel’s half-sister is called Carolina Van Wielink.

Daniel Hernandez Piedra’s Father

Pablo Montero, also called Oscar Hernandez Rodrigues, is a Mexican singer and actor who rose to fame due to his appearance in several hot telenovelas. Pablo Montero is Daniel Hernandez Piedra’s father, born on August 23, 1974.

Daniel’s father, Pablo Montero’s main career is singing, but because of his love for acting, he has been featured in various telenovelas. The regular appearance of Daniel in acting has gained him a sport as one of the most supporting actors in telenovelas.

Personal Life of Daniel Hernandez Piedra’s Father

Being in the limelight comes with many scandals, and Pablo Montero’s life has not been any different. Pablo has been involved in several scandals, and in 2006, there were rumors about him being involved with his costar Ludwika Paleta.

After Pablo denied the claims, they were spotted making out, leading to Paleta’s separation from her husband. Paleta reconciled with her husband a year later.

Daniel Hernandez’s father was also charged in court for having cocaine. Montero pleaded not guilty, but after the investigation, he was found guilty, which led to him being sentenced to probation and enrolling in a court-mandated drug program.

In 2008, Pablo Montero was jailed for violating his terms of probation, although he was later released on the condition that he complete the drug rehabilitation problem.

The career of Daniel Hernandez Piedra’s Father

Aneil Hernandez’s father started his singing career as a teenager. He started as a lead singer in the Trebol singing group. He struggled in clubs and local bars for a while and finally got his big break in 1999 when his album became number one on Mexico charts. His album was successful, leading to his debut in acting as a struggling singer.

After his first role in acting, he got more opportunities, leading to his regular appearance in telenovelas. His acting career has grown massively, making him recognized for his charro hats and black clothing in most of his concerts. His fame has grown out of Mexico, making him a world star recognized in Europe, Australia, and Latin America.

Daneil Hernandez Piedra’s Mother

Sandara Vidal is the mother of Daniel Hernandez Piedra, and she is an actress. She dated Pablo Montero for a short while and had two sons together.