Christopher Scarver Jr.- Family and Bio

Christopher Scarver Jr.

Christopher Scarver Jr. is the only child of Christopher Scarver Sr., a famous American convicted murderer. Her mother’s name is Jackal Evans, and he has no siblings. When he was born, his father committed a crime that could have landed him in prison, and of course, it did, so Christopher Scarver Jr. did not see his father as much.

Education and Passion

Despite Christopher Scarver Jr.’s father not being around most of his life, particularly his childhood, he managed to go to school with the help of her mother and well-wishers. He went to Boscobel High School, where he graduated in 2009. In his college education, Christopher Scarver Jr. studied at Bethany Lutheran College.

His college education was made possible through a scholarship by Percy Pitzer through his foundation, the Creative Corrections Ed. Foundation, which helped him get his college degree. Percy Pitzer’s foundation helps children of inmates get a college degree, and Christopher Scarver Jr. is lucky to be one of those beneficiaries.

Christopher Scarver Jr. is so passionate about basketball. It is a game he has loved all his life. At one point, while talking to a CNN reporter on an exclusive interview, Chris had his basketball ball next to him. Given his passion for basketball, he played it both in high school and college. He was part of the 2013- 2014 Men’s Basketball Team at Bethany Lutheran College.

Christopher Scarver Jr.’s father

Christopher Scarver Jr.’s father is mainly known by most netizens for fatal assaulting serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in 1994 while in the Columbia Correctional Institution. Jeffrey Dahmer later died due to the severity of the injuries he had suffered.

Christopher Scarver Sr. became famous because of Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer who murdered over 17 men and boys. Christopher Scarver Sr. used a metal bar he had taken from the prison weight room to beat Jeffrey.

He first landed in prison in 1992 after shooting Steve Lohman. He had gone to the Wisconsin Conservation Corps training program office to collect money and found Steve Lohman, who gave him just 15 dollars; he was enraged and shot him in the head.

Murders Committed by Christopher Scarver Jr.’s father while in prison

Christopher Scarver Jr.’s father landed in jail in the first place because of murder. He didn’t stop there; after two years in jail, while cleaning the prison toilet with two other inmates, Jeffrey Dahmer and Jesse Anderson, he beat them to near death. Jesse Anderson 2 days later, while Jeffrey died one hour upon arriving in the hospital.

For the two murders he committed while in prison, he was subjected to cruel punishment by the Wisconsin Secure Program Facility officials, for which he filed a lawsuit in 2005. Christopher Scarver Jr.’s father was released from prison on February 2021.

Net worth and Social Media

Christopher Scarver Jr. has not revealed what he does for a living, so it is hard to approximate his net worth.

He is not active on social media platforms; it seems he likes some privacy. He is not on Twitter or even Facebook.