Star Baby Life Of Coco Rae Reynolds

Coco Rae Reynolds

Coco Rae Reynolds is the daughter of Dan Reynolds and Aja Walkman. Dan Reynolds is a Rockstar and frontman of the indie band, Imagine Dragons. Aja Walkman is the frontwoman of the indie band Nico Vega. Coco Rae Reynolds has a twin sister.

Both of them were born on 28 March 2017. They are adorable babies living luxurious life. You can learn everything about Coco Rae Reynolds’s life if you give this article a good read. You will learn every little detail of Coco Rae Reynolds in this article.


As you already know, Coco Rae Reynolds is the daughter of Dan Reynolds and Aja Walkman. She is a twin daughter of her parents. Her twin is Gia Reynolds who got her name from her mother’s brother Gino. Her mother is of Italian origin, and the couple wanted to give their daughter a name that is part Italian, so they went with Gia. Coco’s name sound beautiful to them and decided to go with that name.

She has seven uncles and one aunt from her fraternal side. Her grandfather is an author. Her grandmother is a lawyer. Reynolds is a native of Nevada. He even wrote a song dedicated to his parents. She has an elder sister Arrow Eve Reynolds born in 2012 and a brother, Valentine Reynolds born in 2019. Her parents announced their separation in 2018, but later got united for their children. The couple welcomed their son after they reunited. They are at the top of their careers and have been quite popular worldwide.


Coco Rae Reynolds has a keen interest in music and her interest can be seen in her videos and pictures posted by the couple. The baby is interested in music and she listens to her parents’ songs throughout the day. She is living a dream life. She is just a baby and it depends upon her parents what they instill in her. There is a high chance that all the kids of these musicians will be musicians in the future. Her father Coco Rae Reynolds was reluctant to become a musician earlier, but when he met his future bandmate Wayne Sermon, he was inspired to become one. Coco can choose music as her hobby, and some other stuff as her profession. Time will tell what she is going to choose.

Net worth

The net worth of Dan Reynolds is around forty million dollars. He is a popular American singer and songwriter which is the source of his earnings. Coco Rae Reynolds is a lucky girl living a luxurious life due to her father. Her mother on the other hand has a net worth of one million dollars. You may find them to be doting parents who see their children as the sunshine of their lives. Coco Rae Reynolds’s future is not predictable, but having parents like them is enough to be successful. They both forgot their differences and got back together for their children.


Coco Rae Reynolds is a beautiful baby of her loving parents. She is the light of their lives as told by Dan Reynolds in an interview. He said that her girl is the light of his life who he adores every day. They consider the baby Coco as a blessing. It is a great feeling to see them growing and becoming beautiful like her mother. Her life is a dream for many people. Her future will be interesting for you to watch.