Catherine Cass Mapother, Tom Cruise Sister

Catherine Cass Mapother

Cass was born in 1964, and she was born to her father, Thomas Mapother the third and mother, Mary Lee Pfeiffer.

Her Father

Her father, an electrical engineer by profession, was born on the 15th of October in 1934. Her father, Thomas, passed away from cancer in 1984 on the 9th of January. He left behind his four children, three daughters and one son, his ex-wife, and his brother.

His brother was William Reibert Mapother, who was a judge, attorney and bankruptcy consultant in his lifetime. He had one son named William and two daughters, one named Amy and one named Katherine. Sadly, William Mapother passed away in 2006 on the 22nd of June due to cancer, lung cancer specifically.

Her Mother

Mary Lee Pfeiffer was born on the 22nd of September in 1936, and she grew up in Louisville in the state of Kentucky in the United States. She was married to Cass’s father, Thomas, until they divorced in the year 1974. She remarried a man named Jack South, who became Catherine’s stepfather. Mary Lee was a dedicated school teacher who took pride in teaching those who needed a little extra help, those with special needs. Mary Lee tragically passed away in February of 2017.

Her Career and Net Worth

Catherine Cass Mapother owns a café in New Jersey known as Cass’s Café and is a working director in the church of Scientology. We can only estimate that Cass is worth a couple of thousand dollars, perhaps by the 100- or 200-thousand-dollar mark, although no conclusive information is available.

Further Information About Cass Mapother

We know that Catherine is married to a man named Greg Capazorio, a freedom medal winner, we know she owns a café in New Jersey, we know she is a devout Scientologist, and we know who her parents are. We also know who her three siblings are; one of them, her only older brother Tom Cruise a famous American actor, and she also has two older sisters. Unfortunately, this is just about all the information we have on her.

Her Brother, Tom Cruise

Thomas Mapother, better known as Tom Cruise, was born on the 3rd of July in 1962. He was born in New York in a place called Syracuse. He was the first and only son born to Thomas and Mary Lee Mapother and the third of their four children to be born. He has German, English and Irish traces in his ancestry. He was interested in the profession of acting from a young age, although there was a brief part of his life where he started studying to become a priest. He was expelled from seminary due to consuming alcohol; funny enough, he was also kicked off his varsity football team for consuming alcohol before a game.

When Cruise moved to New York, he worked as a  bus boy while doing auditions for television shows, and in the process, he got signed by the CAA and thus began his career in films.

Cruise’s net worth, unlike his sister’s, is public knowledge and his net worth is currently at 600 million U.S. dollars as of July 2022.