Betty Lou Gleason’s Personal Life, Family, & More

Betty Lou Gleason

Betty Lou Gleason is the sister of famous American singer Kathy Young. Kathy Young was a sensation at a very tender age. She was a teenage star during the 1960s. Kathy was seen in many albums and she was enjoying her popularity during those days.

Her sibling Betty Lou Gleason was always there for her. She ensured that Kathy follow in the footsteps of their father Robert Young and carry on the legacy of the family. If you are interested to know everything about Betty Lou Gleason, this article is for you. You will get every detail of Betty Lou Gleason in this article.


Betty Lou Gleason is the daughter of Robert George Young who was an American television, radio, and film actor from 1927 to 1988. He is known for his leading roles in movies like ‘Father Knows Best, Marcus Welby, M.D.(ABC). Betty Lou Gleason’s mother’s full name was Elizabeth Louise Betty Henderson. She met her husband, Robert Young, in high school when she was 14 years old. Betty’s mother was Betty Henderson who was married to her father for more than 60 years. Her mother died in 1994. Betty Lou Gleason has three sisters, Carol Profitt, Barbara Beebe, and Kathy Young.

Her father Robert Young suffered from depression and alcoholism after he found out about the unethical practices in Hollywood. He tried to commit suicide in 1992. Later, he talked about his problems and made a community for mental health. He later died of respiratory failure in 1998. Her uncle was Sir Roger, George Moore.

Robert George Moore married famous ice skater Doorn Van Steyn, but later got accused of domestic violence. He again got married to Dorothy Squires who was a Welsh singer. He later met Italian Actress Luisa Mattioli, and he left Dorothy Squires for her. Squires rejected separation and sued Moore for conjugal rights. She also smashed the windows of Robert George Moore in France where he was living with this Italian actress.


Betty Lou Gleason belonged to a Hollywood family. Her father was a great actor, and her sister was a great musician of her time. Her uncle Roger George Moore was a famous English actor. He was the third actor to play British secret agent James Bond. Her sister Kathy Young married famous American singer, and songwriter, John Walker, the founder of ‘The Walker Brothers. Betty Lou Gleason’s career was unknown because she chose a private life.

Net Worth

Betty Lou Gleason’s career is not known, but Robert Young’s net worth is 1.5 million dollars. There is not much known about her, but if you see her family, she must be living a good and comfortable life. The net worth of Kathy Young is one million dollars. The net worth of Betty Lou Gleason is not known, but her family must have supported her in living a great life. Her family’s net worth is enough to live a luxurious life.


Betty Lou Gleason belonged to a great family having actors and singers. Her family always supported her in living a comfortable life, and she supported them to manage their professions perfectly. She might have chosen a private life for herself, and she must be respected for that. Betty Lou Gleason helped Kathy Young to grow as a famous musician and her father to handle his career and mental health community well. She didn’t choose a public life, but she must be in a good career.