Axyl Eugene Peterson-All Personal Details Regarding Adrian Peterson’s Son

Axyl Eugene Peterson

Axyl Eugene Peterson is the son of Adrian Peterson and Ashley Brown. The lovely couple welcomed their second son on September 27, 2015, a few weeks earlier than his due date. The couple was to welcome the son in October, but still, he was born in good condition. Axyl Eugene Peterson has an older brother Adrian Jr who was born in 2011 before their parents’ private wedding.

Axyl Peterson’s parents were wedded in 2014, and their wedding was kept private. However, it seems Axyl’s elder brother was a crucial player in the private event that his parents refused to reveal details about.

Axyl Eugene Peterson’s Siblings

Axyl Peterson is said to have an elder brother Adrian Jr, who was born in 2011 before his parents tied the knot. Moreover, to his parents, they are not the only children because Axyl has five other half-siblings, although his father has refused to confirm the rumors.

Adeja Peterson is one of the siblings known to the public, although the details about her mother are unknown. Adrian had previous relationships, and some have indicated that he sired five children out of the relationships.

Axyl Peterson’s siblings have never appeared in public with his father making it challenging to verify how many they are.

The Death of Axyl Person’s Half-Brother

In 2013, Axyl Peterson’s half-brother Axyl Eugene lost his half-brother, who was two years old. The name of the child was never released to the public, and according to reports by the police, he received injuries from being assaulted by his mother’s lover.

The child’s mother had a lover called Joseph Robert Patterson, and an autopsy indicated that he was hit four times in the skull, causing his death. Unfortunately, Adrian Peterson had not seen his son yet, although he was two years old when he died on October 11, 2013.

Axyl’s deceased brother was called Tyrese Robert Ruffin, and his family gave him a good send-off. The man who killed the poor child was given a life sentence serving in South Dakota.

The Scandal of Adrian Spanking His Children with a Belt

In 2014, Axyl Eugene Peterson’s father was involved in a scandal where NFL suspended him for disciplining his children using a belt. According to reports, Adrian would make his sons do wall squats and turn off their phones to punish them.

In 2014, Axyl’s father disciplined his four-year-old son, leaving him with injuries on the buttocks and scrotum. The issue was never received lightly by the public, and NFL gave him a suspension of one year.

Axyl’s father pleaded not guilty but was sentenced to 80 hours of community service and fined $4000 for his actions. Unfortunately, Adrian Peterson was displayed as a merciless father to the public. Still, his agent revealed years later that Adrian Peterson was a good father and that nothing mattered other than his family.

Relationship of Axyl Eugene Peterson with His Father

Axyl Eugene Peterson is close with his father, and he has shown this when he shows up when his father is practicing. Axyl is interested in his father’s career, as he has been seen practicing with his father and brother.