Everything We Know About Amanda Jane Moon Dewolf

Amanda Jane Moon Dewolf

Are you curious to know who Amanda Jane Moon Dewolf is? For a start. She was born on July 12, 1966, and her alias is Mandy. Amanda Jane is the daughter of the daughter of Keith Moon and Kim McLagan. This guide digs into everything we know about Mandy. So, read on to get the details.

Amanda Jane Moon’s Family

Family is part of what defines someone. As for Amanda Jane, she takes pride in being the only child of loving parents. Her father is the famous Keith Moon. Her mother is Kim McLagan. Amanda had no siblings but was blessed with two children, but their father is unknown.

Her two kids are Samantha Moon De Wolf and Jessica Moon de Wolf. The two kids are girls, and she has no son. The grandparents of Amanda are Kathleen Moon, Nobby Moon, Bill Kerrigan, and Joan Kerrigan. Her notable aunts are Linda Moon and Lesley Moon.

Amanda Jane’s Early Life

Most details about Amanda Jane are hidden as she enjoys keeping her details private. Besides, she is mainly known thanks to the fame of her father. Nonetheless, Amanda Jane was born on July 12, 1966. Her birth place is London, England, and she was born in Central Middlesex Hospital.

Amanda Jane lived with her parents in their four-bedroom house in Chertsey, Surrey. The house has five pyramids. Each corner had a pyramid, and one was placed at the center of a sunken lounge. Mandy described their home as unusual, considering that much drama revolved around the house, especially from his father, who found refuge in drinks and drugs.

Who are Amanda Jane’s Parents?

Mandy’s mother, Kim McLagan, was born on December 30, 1948. Her father, Keith Moon, was born on August 23, 1946. Much of the fame around Amanda Jane is attributed to her father. Keith Moon was born in London, and his parents were working class. When he was 12 years old, he held the bugle, his first musical instrument, when he joined the Sea Cadet Corp.

Keith Moon joined The Beachcombers band when he was 15, and that’s when he left school. His occupation includes producer, actor, songwriter, and musician. As for his profession, he was a record producer, model, actor, drummer, composer, and songwriter.

Mandy’s dad has been featured in various movies, such as Tommy, Sextette, The Who Special Edition EP, 200 Motels, etc. Additionally, he has been with multiple music groups. Notable ones are The Who and Plastic Ono Band. Although Amanda’s net worth is unknown, her father’s net worth is estimated at $70 million. From that, we can conclude that Mandy enjoys a good life.

Mandy appreciates the chance and time she spent with her parents, especially her father’s good and bad times. She even claimed her father’s drinking habits at her young age irritated her, but she later came to understand what was happening in her adult life. The bottom line is that Mandy appreciates her parents, and that’s everything we know about Amanda Jane Moon Dewolf.