8 Most Common Commercial Asphalt Projects for California Businesses


California businesses are constantly undertaking renovation and improvement projects to help them stand apart from the competition. Before undertaking any commercial asphalt projects for your California business, it’s essential to ensure that you have properly established your California LLC to protect your assets and comply with all state regulations. Asphalt-based improvement projects are especially popular and can give you a ton of bang for your buck. These asphalt professionals can help your customers feel comfortable, and will keep your business looking professional, Here are just eight of the most common commercial asphalt projects that California business owners undertake every year:

1. Pavement Markings

To ensure your patrons can visit your business with ease, and do so safely, you’ll need to have up-to-date, clearly laid-out pavement markings in all of your parking lots. Nothing can make visiting an otherwise-great business feel unsatisfying like a chaotic parking lot experience, after all. If you want your patrons to keep returning year after year, you’ll need pavement markings that look professional, and that are easy to understand from the moment that you first see them.

2. Shopping Center Lots

Speaking of parking lots, commercial paving and asphalt companies have handled shopping center lot projects for decades. While many people assume this is more of a construction company’s wheelhouse, the reality is that setting up and pouring out the asphalt needed for a professional-level shopping center lot is handled by local commercial asphalt companies in most cases. For Californian business owners who need a sharp new parking lot to accommodate their patrons, contacting a quality paving contractor is highly recommended.

3. Road Resurfacing

If you own a large business, you may need your very own roadways to accommodate your patrons. For those who own large rental companies, or agriculture companies, personal roadways are especially sought after. Even if your business already has an existing road, resurfacing said road every few years can help the business thrive. Similar to the issues we’ve discussed in earlier sections, a freshly-asphalted roadway helps to ensure your business looks wholly professional. It will also ensure patrons can get to and from your business in a safe, efficient manner.

4. Warehouses

When you’re running a large business, you often need a private, and reliable place to store products and a place to reliably ship from as well. You can knock out two birds with one stone by building a warehouse for your business’s needs. Warehouses are another project that asphalt companies handle, that most civilians simply assume construction companies would handle instead. Thankfully, warehouses, despite their size, are easy to build and set up effectively. For this reason, California business owners should seriously consider investing in a brand-new company warehouse in 2023.

5. Drive-Thru Foundations

Many California businesses need drive-thrus to keep their operations running smoothly. Especially in more crowded cityscapes, drive-thrus can be used to great effect for all types of business operations. That being said, pharmacies, fast food joints, and convenience stores will benefit from a brand-new drive-thru setup the most. To ensure your drive-thru is built to last, you’ll need to hire a commercial asphalt company to build a drive-thru foundation with the most efficient and valuable asphalt products on the market.

6. Office Parks

Office parks are the heart and soul of large-scale business buildings. Whether you’re building an office park for a single mega business, or a collection of businesses that are housed in a single space, an office park is the one thing that connects all employees. A quality office park not only serves to keep your employees happy but can help your business appear more appealing and legitimate as well. If you’re looking to bring in some brand-new talent this year, you could benefit greatly by revamping (or building) an office park for your business.

7. Demolition and Excavation

When handling any of the larger-scale projects on this list, commercial asphalt companies will often have to do some prep work in the form of either demolition or excavation (and sometimes both). These processes ensure the new asphalt structures have the proper drainage, foundation, and ability to thrive for many years to come. Without a quality demo-excavation job, the asphalt project you’re paying for may not be up to snuff (so be sure to take this potential project seriously).

8. Concrete Curbing

Once your patrons are parked and ready to enter your business, you’ll want them to feel comfortable and safe using your sidewalks and curbed areas. This project also ensures that any roadways and parking lots surrounding your business are safe to use for both drivers and pedestrians. Be sure to consider any tripping hazards when doing this project, as you want to avoid any liability for potential slip-and-fall accidents that might occur due to poor design decisions.