6 Unique Home Improvement Projects Involving Concrete


Home improvement projects are an exciting way to not only make your home feel brand-new but to boost your home’s equity value as well. However, finding the right home improvement project on a budget can prove difficult for some. Thankfully, home improvement projects involving concrete are not only stunning to look at, but often hyper-affordable as well. With this in mind, here are six unique home improvement projects involving concrete that Mike Dunfee Management Company says homeowners should consider undertaking in 2023:

1. A New Kitchen Sink

When you’re looking to make your kitchen shine, you’ll need to consider one aspect of your kitchen before anything else: your kitchen sink. After all, the kitchen sink is the home base for keeping your kitchen, your silverware, and many other objects in your home, clean and sparkly. Concrete is stellar for building a built-to-last, solid, and great-looking kitchen sink in 2023. The fact that concrete is often cheaper these days makes the home improvement project that much more attractive for budget-conscious homeowners. Pair a new concrete kitchen sink with concrete spaces for new appliances (like that smart-tech dishwasher you’ve had your eye on) to add even more bang for your buck.

2. A Brand-New Shower

People rarely think of concrete when they begin thinking about bathroom-related home renovations and improvement projects. In reality, however, there are many amazing bathroom additions and updates you can achieve by using concrete products. Crafting an entire shower out of concrete is not only possible, but the practice is becoming much trendier during the last decade as well. You will have a solid, one-piece shower that will serve you well for decades to come if you use concrete as the base. Concrete is easy to work with, and with the right concrete pumping service in your area, you can complete this bathroom remodel project with ease. So what’s stopping you from pulling the trigger on this valuable home improvement project?

3. A Warm Fireplace

Who doesn’t dream of having a cozy, warm fireplace to relax by during long, chilly nights? Even if you live somewhere that’s about to get fairly hot as summer quickly approaches, you’ll be sure to experience your fair share of drafty, cold nights as well. By crafting a quality fireplace in your living room, or in another key living space in your home, you’ll be prepared to keep your nighttime activities both comfortable and (potentially) romantic in 2023. Concrete provides an ideal building material for home fireplaces, as it’s easy to mold, looks stunning, and provides a safe foundation to start fires on. If you’ve been dreaming of having your very own fireplace, using concrete is the way to go, and the often lower costs of installing a fireplace these days will be sure to make the idea that much more attractive.

4. A Solid New Floor

Those installing new flooring setups in their home will almost certainly want to use concrete to get the job done. While many people simply use concrete to create a solid foundation for their new flooring, you can make fully concrete floors for a more modern, and sleek look. Even if you only use concrete for the foundation for your new flooring projects, you’ll be fully ready to add tile, hardwood, or carpeting on top of your concrete foundation in no time.

5. A Brand-New Bathtub

If you’re brainstorming ways to make your bathroom shine in the new year, you’ll need to consider the many amazing projects concrete can help you finalize in your home’s bathroom. Above all the competition, building a brand-new bathtub using concrete is often the choice homeowners end up going with. You can make a bathtub in a simple, solid, and effective fashion with just one or two concrete pouring sessions, making this both a highly valuable, and fairly affordable bathroom remodel project to tackle. For new homeowners who are looking to solidify their bathroom’s comfort and aesthetic presentation, installing a full-on concrete bathtub is a great way to stand out from your neighbors.

6. A Quality Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen remodels remain one of the most valuable and equity-packed home improvement projects you can take on. With concrete, you can completely reenvision the layout of your kitchen space. Use concrete to craft a brand-new kitchen countertop, or to create a fancy, trendy-looking kitchen island in the center of your space, and you’ll have a kitchen that you can truly be proud of. However, this is another complex and timely project, so be sure to entrust the project to concrete pros if you choose to go this route with your home improvement projects in 2023.