3 Premium Hair Toppers For Short Hair Styles

3 Premium Hair Toppers For Short Hair Styles

Short haircuts can look extremely upbeat and trendy if styled the right way. If you are contemplating a short hair look, you should absolutely go for it without a second thought. We understand that not everyone has lush growth to carry out different short hair trends. In fact some people may even be experiencing thinning hair or hair loss in their crown area. But that shouldn’t be a worry at all. You can always add a hair topper for that boost of volume and coverage that goes a long way in giving you a chic hairstyle.

Styling short hair toppers is a breeze. The trick lies in blending it with your natural hair. Get the most out of your short hair with these 3 hair toppers from Superhairpieces that work wonders to enhance your appearance:

“I wanted to look better and feel better” | Superhairpieces Hair Topper Testimonial

Curtain bangs or Fringes with the Easy Part 3608

Bangs are often easier to carry out because you don’t have to worry about blending your front hairline with the rest of your hair. You can use this naturally straight lightweight human hair topper to achieve curtain bangs or cut it into fringes for an easy and effortlessly casual look.

This 8″ women’s premium human hair piece is made of mono filament silk and comes with an easy parting line feature that allows an extremely natural appearance. It integrates perfectly with your natural hair and camouflages hair loss for a seamlessly comfortable wear. The Easy Part 3608 has a versatile design that allows for permanent, semi-permanent or daily wear and comes with multiple attachment options (clips, tape or glue) for you to choose from.

Pixie Cut with Smart Hair 5206

Experimenting with this new look is not for the faint hearted! The pixie cut is for all those bold and determined ladies who dare to be different. It’s more of a personality portrayal than just a new hair trend

Use our 6″ naturally straight Smart Hair 5206 that helps conceal women’s frontal hair loss by providing added volume for the unique pixie cut. It also gives a natural looking hairline for an undetectable look. This premium human hair topper is perfect for receding hairlines and looks great when cut in a pixie style.

This add on hairpiece comes with mono filament silk that has a poly coated base for long lasting style. It is designed in a way to provide easy integration with your natural hair, giving your  pixie cut the ideal look and feel. The versatile design allows for permanent, semi-permanent or daily wear. Attach using clips, tape, or glue and get ready to stun!

Shag Hair Cut with Ez Volume 5706 Clip on Hair Pieces

The shag hair cut is perfect for those who want volume in their hair, it is styled in layers that start from the level of the eyebrows and is followed by a long sparsely spaced fringe with the hair length ending at the clavicle.

Our 6″ EZ Volume 5706 comes in naturally straight hair and is apt for this cut. It is a clip on human hair topper so it is easy to install and easier to remove when you don’t want to bother with the extra volume in front of your forehead.

This hair topper comes with a mono silk top and has a versatile design that allows for permanent, semi-permanent or daily wear with the ultimate comfort.

A hair topper can do so much to change your appearance. These wiglets don’t even need so much attention or care but get you all the right glares. You just have to make sure to blend these women’s hair toppers well with your natural hair and color for you to get a hairstyle that looks fantastic. You can also add highlights or lowlights to the topper to enhance their look and make it look as close to your natural hair as possible. Use a professional color ring to choose the best color match for your bio hair.

At Superhairpieces, we offer great quality human hair pieces for women with thinning hair, to both salons and retail clients. Our women’s human hair toppers come in different base materials, shapes, styles, sizes and colors, and are designed to hide hair loss or thinning hair in certain areas of the scalp depending on the stage of the hair loss. Additionally, they help add volume and fullness in the process and can blend with the wearer’s natural hair.