Why Should You Visit a Garden Center?


Garden centers help you pick plants, flowers, soil, compost and manure, pots, and gardening equipment for your garden. You can discover garden centers in Portland Oregon, and visit them to pick flowers and plants for your garden. Not only do these garden centers have plants and other gardening equipment for you, but visiting them can benefit you in several ways:

Mental and Physical Benefits

Visiting a garden center has several physical and mental benefits. Several academic studies have shown a clear link between gardening and good mental and physical health. People who spent time at garden centers or gardens have been said to report significantly better health, higher psychological well-being, and greater levels of physical activity than people who don’t visit garden centers. In addition, a visit to the garden center can sometimes act as therapy and boost your mood, and reduce blood pressure and stress.

Wide Variety of Plants and Flowers to Choose From

A well-kept garden center will have a wide variety of flowers, plants, shrubs, and other accessories to beautify your yard. If you are planning to design your yard and convert it into a garden, then the garden center can act like a one-stop shop for local and exotic plants and flowers, gardening equipment, compost, and other items. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you may also inform the staff, who may then source it from elsewhere.

Wide Variety of Seeds to Choose From

Like plants and flowers, a garden center will also have a wide variety of seeds to choose from. Whether you want seeds of flowering plants for your garden or seeds of vegetables and fruit trees and plants to grow in your yard, you will find them in a garden center.

Knowledgable Staff to Provide Valuable Information

Along with a wide variety of plants, flowers, and seeds to choose from, a reputed garden center will also have experienced and knowledgeable staff to help you with any information you need. Whether you need help picking flowers, seeds, or plants for your yard, have questions about soil type and composting, or need help picking gardening equipment, the staff will guide you and also provide useful tips and information to keep your plants lush and healthy.

Good Deals and Bargains

Most garden centers may offer good deals and bargains on plants, flowers, and other gardening accessories. You can watch out for these bargains and deals at your local garden center and visit them to buy plants of your choice. In addition, the garden center will also have access to different resources that can help you source exotic plants or seeds for your yard.

Tips for Visiting a Garden Center

Listed below are a few tips for visiting your local garden center:

Make a Budget

Plants can be extremely tempting to spend on, especially if you are someone who loves gardening. However, it is important to make a budget when you visit a garden center, and as far as possible stick to it. If the plants you want to purchase come in trays, then you can also consider splitting them with family or friends so that the cost gets distributed.

Try to Shop During the Week

Your garden center could be very crowded during the weekend, giving you little time to explore and choose the plants that you need. So, consider visiting the garden center during the weekdays so that it is comparatively less crowded and you get enough time to pick and choose the plants you want and also speak to the staff and clarify any doubts.

Watch Out for Sales

Many garden centers put out flyers and posters if they are holding a sale. In addition, if you are a regular visitor, you may also get messages about deals and sales at the center. Watch out for these and plan your shopping accordingly so that you can get good deals on plants and other equipment.

Notice Where the Plants are Placed in the Garden Center

Watch where the plants are placed in the garden center. Are they kept in the shade or bright sunlight? This will give you an idea of whether the plant is an indoor plant, a low-light plant, or a plant that requires direct sunlight. Then, you can choose a plant depending on where you want to place it in your home.

Ask Questions to the Staff

The staff at a garden center is usually experienced and has in-depth knowledge about plants and their care. Speak to them and ask any questions you may have about caring for or growing a specific plant. You can also ask them about what plants to buy and what kind of equipment you will need.

Ensure You Read the Plant Tag

The plant tag usually has the plant’s name and other care information. It will give you information about spacing, soil and light requirements, and the amount of water required. Make sure you read the tag carefully before purchasing the plant.

A garden center like Drake’s 7 Dees Landscaping and Garden Center can make your life easy by being a one-stop shop for all your gardening needs. They purchase plants and flowers from some of the best growers in the country and can guide you on which plant varieties will perform well and which won’t in your yard.