Why More Australians Are Opting For Cremation Rather Than Burial This Year & Every Year


Australians are becoming a lot more responsible nowadays when it comes to their final days and rather than wait and let their nearest and dearest plan everything for them, many are getting out in front of it years before and planning their own funerals. The traditional way over hundreds of years for most Australians was to be buried in the ground but now people are thinking differently because they want to do their bit for the environment and they also want to spend less money. Australians attitudes have changed for the better and that is very good news indeed.

This is why many Australians are deciding to take advantage of cremation services in Sydney because as we all know, we are running out of space in Sydney and so contributing to it by purchasing a grave to be buried in is not helping the cause at all. It is much cheaper to get cremated that it is to go for a standard burial and so this is more money for you to enjoy the finer things in life before it is your time to go.

This is just one of the many reasons why Australians are opting for cremation rather than burial and the following are a few more.

  1. It is a faster process – It will be difficult enough for your family to manage especially so if you check out early for no apparent reason and deciding that you want to be buried put a lot of responsibility on your family’s shoulders a time when they are trying to deal with your death emotionally. After you’re gone, you want to make sure that your family doesn’t have to shoulder all of this responsibility and so by opting for a cremation, it saves a lot of time and effort on your family’s part.
  2. It’s better for the environment – People have certainly become a lot greener nowadays and if you live in a sustainable life when you are alive then it makes perfect sense that you would want to be environmentally friendly when you leave. Many people don’t know this but the embalming fluid used in a traditional burial is not good for the environment and the earth has to be dug up that upsets the ecological things happening in the soil.
  3. You become more portable – You might think that this is a silly reason but what happens if your family moves away or even moves to another country. They will not want to leave you behind in a cemetery that they can visit you and so by opting for cremation, your ashes can be placed in an urn and can be taken with them. You get to travel more date then you did when you were alive.

Hopefully, these reasons can convince you that cremation is the way to go for your body when you finally decide to leave this planet. Start making plans today so that your family doesn’t have to later.