Why is it a bad idea to take your old catalytic converter to the scrap yard?

If you have a car and some large metal parts in it have fallen into disrepair, it makes sense to try and sell them rather than just throwing them away.

If you have a car and some large metal parts in it have fallen into disrepair, it makes sense to try and sell them rather than just throwing them away. Especially since some devices can’t just be left near a rubbish bin after breaking down. For example, car catalytic converters need to be disposed of properly, as otherwise they can harm nature and human health.

When the owner of such a part first thinks about the fact that he needs to sell it somewhere, he first of all remembers scrap yards. This is easy to explain: this method is the most popular. It is widespread all over the world. There are scrap points in any city, and most people who have cars or work with metal know about them.

However, it is much better to use other methods, namely – to sell catalytic converters online. There are special platforms for this purpose. For example, in the USA, the service is relevant – a convenient platform where you can not only sell your catalytic converter, but also find out its price in advance and quickly find buyers. Further on, let’s discuss why this option is much more preferable than selling the part in a warehouse.

Unbiased valuation is the first problem

At scrap yards there are receivers who weigh the goods, inspect them and determine the price. This is somewhat similar to the process of depositing jewelry in a pawnshop. Such points, as a rule, do not have a clear system by which the price of the product is formed. Appraisers examine the item subjectively, which, of course, affects the cost.

Also, such outlets are interested in buying the part as cheaply as possible and then reselling it for a good profit. This is the reason why prices can be artificially low, finding some problems in your device. The cost may drop if the part is deemed too dirty or the components removed from it are not weighed correctly.

The difficulty of finding such outlets is the second problem

Despite the fact that there are such warehouses in many places, not everyone knows about them. A person simply may not have acquaintances through whom he or she can find out where to take his or her old catalytic converter. In some small towns, there may not be such warehouses at all, and you may have to go to another town.

The problem is that these warehouses are usually not marked on a map, they don’t have social media or other channels through which you can find them. This makes the process much more complicated.

Waste of time is the third problem

To drop off the catalytic converter to such a warehouse you need to spend a lot of time. Especially if it is located somewhere far away from your home. Time will be needed to:

  • to find that location;
  • get to the warehouse;
  • to wait for the part to be appraised.

In addition, you can’t forget that the journey may require a financial outlay, albeit minimal. This makes the sales process more complicated for those who want to do it hassle-free and as fast as possible.

Thus, you only get the maximum benefit and convenience if you use an online platform or look for a buyer directly. By the way, you can also find a direct buyer on AutoCatalystMarket – it is more convenient and faster than doing it yourself.