Why Hire Interior Designers With LEED Accreditation

Hire Interior Designers With LEED Accreditation

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards guide contractors and designers toward creating environmentally sustainable homes. People are looking for interior designers South Florida with LEED Accreditation to make environmentally conscious homes.

If you want your home to be more environmentally friendly in the long run, hire an interior designer with LEED accreditation. A LEED-accredited interior designer will help you with the following:

Sourcing Materials and Finishes That Are Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly materials are made from plant fibers and non-toxic chemicals. They look great and are safe to have in your home. By using paint made of toxic materials inside your home, you could inhale dangerous fumes without realizing it.

A LEED-accredited interior designer knows how to identify materials that are harmful to you. They can read through the ingredients on things like paints and advise you on which paint to use and which not to use.

Sourcing Local Items

Making every region self-sufficient is one of the objectives of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. They encourage businesses in each area to support each other. When you work with an interior designer from your region that is LEED accredited, they are guided by the code of “support local businesses.” These interior designers make an effort to source products and extra services required for construction or remodeling locally.

Using Responsibly Harvested Wood

Wood is one of the most common raw materials in home construction. It is a significant renewable building material with natural properties, making it an ideal option for constructing and remodeling your valued property.

LEED has restrictions on the type of wood used in construction projects. An interior designer with LEED certification is aware of all the goals of the world green building council and is determined to follow all their guidelines when designing or remodeling your home.

Reusing Vintage Furniture

A LEED-accredited interior designer can also suggest better furniture alternatives, such as reusing or refurbishing vintage furniture instead of cutting down trees to make new furniture for your home. Most vintage furniture is made with quality wood that has been acquired from several trees. You can potentially save money by recycling old furniture since you won’t have to use the resources to create it from scratch.

Educating Clients on Common Toxic Chemicals in Products

In some instances, people buy products for their interior design without considering the chemicals used to make them. Standard products that contain harmful chemicals can be included in the paint used for the walls, furniture, and other decor.

A LEED-accredited interior designer can identify a chemical used on the paint and inform you of the potential side effects. This will help you avoid such products and make safer choices.

Giving You Value for Your Money

An interior designer has an eye for detail and knows all the new trends in the real estate industry. They follow all the latest trends when remodeling your home. If you want to put your house on the market, an interior designer can advise you on what to do. If your house is renovated or constructed using green sustainability standards, you may land a client faster.

Green sustainability standards insist on the use of quality products for house construction. You will potentially end up doing minimal or no repairs in the future, saving you time and money.

Working With You From Start to Finish

Construction might be overwhelming if it is your first time building or designing your home. You might accidentally purchase low-quality materials that are harmful to your health without your knowledge.

Working with a LEED-accredited interior designer will save the time you would have taken to source materials and hire people to provide other services. An interior designer notices an issue with your project and helps you rectify it before it is too late. Your construction projects can meet all safety guidelines when you work with a licensed interior designer.

Hire LEED-Accredited Interior Designers South Florida

Consider working with interior designers South Florida that are LEED-accredited in your home remodeling or interior design project. They can help you source local materials, reuse vintage furniture, and educate you on toxic product chemicals. LEED-accredited interior designers allow you to live a quality life while helping the environment.