Why Colorado Is Perfect for Outdoor Kitchens

Colorado Is Perfect for Outdoor Kitchens

If nearly 300 days of sunshine isn’t enough to convince you to get outside more, perhaps the four-season climate and pleasant dry air will. Plus, because the weather is so fair, getting outside could simply mean enjoying your home’s outdoor space; you don’t need to drive to the mountains to enjoy Colorado’s mild climate. 

The best way to enjoy your outdoor area is to make it your own. Denver is perfect for creative living, whether it’s implementing a fire pit or backyard fountain, native garden, or other modern outdoor decor. There are countless ways to bring your green areas to life, which will lure you outside more often to soak up the sun and fresh air while at home. You don’t always have to go on an adventure outside the city to reap the benefits of being outdoors. 

In this blog, we’ll break down the reasons why Colorado is perfect for implementing an outdoor kitchen. Whether it’s the local ingredients, countless beautiful weather days, or the natural beauty of the state, bring your cooking habits outside to spice up your family meal or host a party of friends on a nice day. People continue to move to Colorado in record numbers, largely because of what the outdoors can provide compared to where they came from. Let’s get started. 

Again, the weather is fantastic 

Compared to the simmering heat of Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas, Colorado gives you four beautiful seasons that all provide days for outdoor activities. We already touched on the plentiful sunlight, but the dry air is also a big bonus. It’s not humid like states in the south, and when it is hot, the shade provides a cooling relief of 10-15 degrees cooler than in the sun. Using a shade or umbrella provides a perfect oasis for cooking or hosting parties on a hot day. Even on a cold day, the sun provides warmth that makes being outside not just tolerable, but enjoyable. 

Chances are, no matter what season it is currently, you’ll be able to find at least one day a week to cook or dine outside. 

Altitude limits the presence of bugs 

Living at 5,280 feet certainly has its challenges, but it has its advantages as well. One of the biggest ones when it comes to cooking or eating outdoors is there aren’t many bugs that will bother you or disrupt your relaxing evening. Compared to areas like Georgia and Florida, where mosquitos run rampant and the humidity is perfect for insects, the high and dry aspect of Denver keeps most of these pests away. Sure, there are still flies, ticks, and other bugs that can get to you, but it is the outdoors after all. 

Having fewer bugs, in general, is a plus, especially when you’re handling food outdoors or spending time preparing it. This makes your food more secure, making you more at peace to enjoy the process. 

High potential for stunning views 

If you live in Colorado, chances are your views are relatively gorgeous, although we take this luxury for granted. Endless plains, domineering mountains, relaxing foothills, and countless bodies of water provide an ecosystem that is pleasant to look at, to say the least. If you live in an area with particularly stellar views, you owe it to yourself to develop a strong outdoor kitchen setup. This can inspire new recipes and be a solid incentive for spending even more time in your outdoor area. 

If you don’t have particularly stunning views, it’s all the more motivation to improve your outdoor space by implementing a kitchen or other exciting additions. 

The state is rich in ingredients 

Everyone knows Colorado is known for its green chiles, which are perfect for any number of recipes and different types of cuisines. But that’s not all. The state is also one of the best in the country for producing cattle and high-quality beef that is consumed nationwide. Because of this, the grilling opportunities in the state are very high. Grilling is one of the easiest components for building an outdoor kitchen; in fact, many people already have grills. 

Plus, the climate is perfect for growing your ingredients in a garden or through a greenhouse design and construction in your backyard. No matter your method of growing, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor in your new outdoor kitchen setup. 

  1. In Colorado, the outdoors are simply part of the culture 

When you move to Colorado, you likely are chasing the beauty of the Great Outdoors. But it can be demanding and expensive to try and spend as much time in the mountains as possible. Sometimes, you want to stay in and relax. With an outdoor kitchen or living area, you can feel like you’re soaking up the outdoors without having to leave the comfort of your home. Eliminate the guilt of not going on a big expedition by spending time outside anyways, but instead of driving miles away, you’re only minutes away from outdoor relaxation. 

Only a few states boast outdoor activities quite like Colorado. But these activities can be as simple as grilling for the family or hosting a get-together around your fire pit or patio. 


Taking your culinary skills outdoors means taking them to the next level. Implementing a modern outdoor kitchen is great for any number of reasons, including cooking for yourself or the family, hosting family gatherings or friend hangouts, or simply enjoying your home in a new and exciting way. 

But Colorado is particularly ideal for outdoor cooking: there are fewer bugs, the weather is almost always manageable, the capacity for stunning views is high, and the state is rich with quality beef and other ingredients that are perfect for grilling or other outdoor cooking. 

Become a full-time Coloradan by spending as much time outdoors as you can. You don’t always need to go on a hike or go backpacking to get your outside fix. Simply try an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, patio, or other outdoor furniture to make the most of your outdoor experience at home.