What’s the Best Place to Leave Your Dog When Going On Vacation, and How Will They Take It?


Leaving your dog behind when going on vacation may be hard for both of you. Still, that doesn’t need to be a bad experience, if you prepare properly. Here are a few useful steps to follow on how to get your pet ready, and provide them the best possible care while you are away. 

How Will Your Dog Handle It Emotionally?

Dogs are social creatures and seeing their owner leave them for a while will surely affect them emotionally. Still, dogs are also adaptable animals and they are perfectly able to adjust to the situation if you prepare them properly. 

Another thing to note is that your dog will pick up on your emotions, too, so if you act worried or anxious about leaving them, you can transfer that feeling over to your pet. Therefore, before you go, make sure to arrange good care for them in your absence, spend extra time together, and leave them things they are familiar with, like toys, treats, or even a blanket or a piece of clothes that has your scent. 

Preparing your dog for your vacation absence will make you feel more comfortable and in control, too. So, if you already know you are going to be away, start planning ahead.  

Where to Leave Your Dog?

Luckily, there are a few good options for leaving your dog when you are away on vacation. The option to leave a dog at home alone is just not acceptable or responsible. Dogs need company and attention, not to mention regular walks and “toilet breaks” which they simply can’t do on their own, especially when staying in a closed space. Now, the choice will be yours whether you leave your dog with a friend or a family member, at your or their place, decide to hire a dogsitter, or take your dog to a kennel.  

Leave Your Dog With Family or Friends

Leaving your dog with a trusted friend or a family member is maybe the best option. If you know your dog sitter personally, you can’t ask for more. That leaves you all the options to agree on dog sitting however you want, and if he/she already knows your dog, even better. 

Still, be aware that things can go wrong there too, and be absolutely sure that whoever takes care of your dog does it the same way you would, meaning they don’t feed them scrapes off the table or allow things you usually wouldn’t. 

Make sure you communicate all the rules before you leave for vacation and prepare the food, treats, and toys to make your beloved pet feel safe and comfortable while you are away. Your dog will surely miss you and probably get excited and emotional when it sees you leave, so it’s also a good idea to prepare some dog probiotic, as stressful situations can result in an upset stomach. 

Get a Pet Sitter

If you don’t have a friend or family member who could take care of your pup while you are out of town, many professionals or companies are offering pet-sitting services (some of them even offer additional services like watering plants or checking your mail).

Some people would even prefer to leave their pet to a professional as they would be more comfortable if their dog is in safe hands with someone who has experience in pet sitting and taking care of dogs, but also not to bother their friends and family and respect their precious time. 

If you go for this option, make sure you introduce your pet to this person in advance so they could get acquainted and ready for the time when you’ll be away. Of course, you must communicate all the details about your dog to your pet sitter, including its age, health condition, as well its behavior, and favorite things. 

Leave Your Dog at a Kennel

Another very good option is to leave your dog at a kennel. Those places provide professional care for the dogs while their owners are away or unable to have them for a short time. 

Kennels are usually fun for dogs, as they are often placed in suburbs where there is plenty of space for a big yard, and – there are other dogs to socialize with. Many kennels offer other special treatments for dogs and are in constant contact with you, sometimes even over a webcam, so you can take a peak and see how your dear puppy is doing from time to time.