What Types of Signs or Banners Will Work for Your Business?


Signs and banners are still among the most cost-effective and versatile advertising options available to businesses and organizations of all types. Although many companies have differing needs based on their target audience, goals, business type, locations, and other factors, sign/banner advertising is flexible enough to accommodate many different requirements.

When deciding on the right banner for your company, take into account your customer demographic, industry, location, budget range, and specific goals. In addition, you also want to make sure that your signage reflects your brand, specifically in the areas of color and design. Create a look that mirrors or compliments your existing logo(s), fonts, and colors.

You never want to skimp on your investment where it concerns your signage. Professionally-made, durable signs like the ones from SignMonster or other high-quality, reputable providers not only attract customers, but they also stay in good shape over time. Here are a few of the different signs and banners that may be beneficial to your business:

Type #1: Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are highly visible, affordable, quality pieces of signage. They can be used to promote certain products or services, raise brand awareness, and of course, attract customers.

They’re both weather-resistant and very durable, making them capable of indoor and/or outdoor use. With clear messaging and an eye-catching design, you can use banners to give a strong impression of your brand, generating consumer interest and driving traffic.

Type #2: Mesh Banners

Mesh banners can also be a smart option for organizations trying to increase their visibility. Manufactured with tiny holes designed to reduce the risk of wind damage, they are perfect for outdoor and elevated use.

Their bold and vibrant prints, designed by professional signage providers like SignMonster, boost brand visibility and draw customers’ attention. When placed properly, they can obstruct construction/maintenance sites, be used at events, or complement other outdoor signage on location.

Type #3: Double-Sided Banners

A great advertising solution for many businesses is a double-sided banner. This type of sign grabs the attention of potential customers from two different directions, doubling your exposure. This allows you to maximize your advertising space, as well as your message.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these banners effectively promote your services, products, or special offers/promos to a larger audience. They also work to promote a welcoming atmosphere by enhancing the aesthetics of your space.

Type #4: Pole Banners

Some signage providers like SignMonster offer pole banners, which are placed mainly to attract the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians. They have a vertical design, which makes them very space-efficient and perfect for higher-populated, urban areas. Also highly versatile, these banners can support various messages and graphics, allowing businesses to promote their brand, as well as various sales and special events.

They are highly resistant to various weather conditions as they are designed and crafted to be a long-lasting marketing solution. They are a more tangible and personal form of advertisement in a world flooded with digital marketing.


Type #5: Magnetic Signs


Magnetic signs instantly convert any company or personal vehicle into a rolling advertisement for your business. It also expands your market as it makes your brand visible everywhere you travel.


By partnering with someone like SignMonster, you can customize an intriguing design displaying your company name, contact info, logo, and relevant business details, promoting a professional image and presence.


Type #6: Yard Signs


Many business owners associate yard signs with political candidates, faith/civic-based messaging, college/university affiliation, and others. However, many other types of organizations can benefit from yard signage.


These signs create personal connections to your business while also fostering a sense of community, of which your brand is a part. They function as 24-hr advertising and can be changed for different seasons and holidays, providing fresh and diverse messaging.


How SignMonster Can Help with Your Business’s Needs


As you can see, sign/banner advertising can be a productive and profitable marketing strategy for your business. By considering the many options and designs available and getting an idea of what you are looking for, you can save yourself a lot of time and headaches early on.


The key is finding a quality, reputable sign provider to partner with, one that will listen to your needs as a business while also offering helpful expertise and advice.