What to Know Before You Buy: Top Loader Washing Machine Shopping Tips

What to Know Before You Buy: Top Loader Washing Machine Shopping Tips

Washing machines are essential for doing laundry. They help minimize the stress and hassles of cleaning clothes and other important personal items. However, most buyers face a significant challenge when choosing the right one for them.

One of the biggest challenges is choosing between the front and top loader washing machines. While each one does an excellent job, the final decision boils down to personal preference and specific situations. For example, a front loader isn’t exactly the best option for a tall person with back problems. If you have determined a top loader washing machine to be the best option for you, then you need the right tips to improve your buying decision. Below are some recommended tips.

Consider The Washing Machine’s Capacity

Washing machines are available in different load-washing capacities, depending on what you want. Before buying, you should consider your laundry and how much you do periodically. A single-person household may not bother much about high-capacity washing machines, but a family may need to consider the size of their laundry and how efficient each of the load-capacity washing machines is.

The average washing machine ranges between 1 and cubic feet. The higher the washing machine capacity, the lower the number of washing cycles you need to complete. It is also important to note that the more washing machine cycles, the more energy consumption.

Spin Speed

One of the uncommon factors to consider when choosing a washing machine is the spin speed. While most people only consider the size, capacity, front vs. top load, and price, they often forget the significance of the spin speed.

The spin speed dictates how fast water will be removed from your laundry. Washing machines with higher spin speeds often remove water from laundry faster, thus requiring fewer spin cycles. Before selecting your washing machine, ensure to choose the right spin speed to accommodate your projected wash load.

Pro Tip: The average spin speed on washing machines range between 1200 and 1600 RPM.

Energy Consumption

Most homeowners are already faced with rising prices caused by inflation. This is also complicated by rising energy prices. The key to lowering monthly energy bills is to purchase energy-efficient appliances, and this is why your washing machine’s energy consumption level is important.

A high energy-consuming washing machine will cost more per washing cycle. This can significantly affect your final energy bill at the end of the month. Stay on the safe side by comparing the washing machine’s energy rating. Look for products with Energy Star ratings, as they are often 10 to 20% more energy efficient.

Operation Noise

Older washing machines often have a humming noise that gradually becomes louder over time. Buying a new washing machine doesn’t have to come with the same problem, so you should pay attention to the noise levels of the new purchase.

There are a ton of new washing machines on the market with great noise cancellation or noise reduction technologies. These technologies muffle the appliance’s sound as it spins or washes your laundry. While your washing machine may not be dead quiet, you will appreciate the noise reduction technology.

If yours is a large household, the quietness of your washing machine may be the difference between running early morning laundry and waking the entire house up.

Features and Settings

Washing machines have come a long way in the last two decades. Many of the new washing machine models now offer several buttons and features that make washing easier, faster, customized, and intuitive. You should decide whether you’re a button lover or a digital interface lover.

You also need to decide how complex and complicated you want the buttons or how simple you’d prefer them. Truth is, there’s something for everybody out there, irrespective of your preferences. Be sure to look carefully at the available options and determine which one works best for you based on the number of buttons, features, settings, and configurations supported.

Auto Dispense or Not

The auto-dispensing option is one of the latest features on washing machines. The feature helps users to dispense a measured quantity of washing detergents into the machine during operation. This is a good feature for people who often forget to add detergents or laundry soaps to their machines. It is also a great way to prevent wastage and save costs.

You can look out for washing machines with this feature if it’s something you’ve always wanted in your washing machine.

Space Saving and Smart Features

With more homes being built to size, space saving is a feature most homeowners will appreciate. Consider the amount of space you have for your washing machine and whether or not it can be stacked with other appliances.

In addition to this, consider the additional features offered on the washing machine, including mobile connectivity options, app support, and more.

Considering the above options can help shape your buying decision and ultimately improve the satisfaction derived from the purchase.