What Are the Qualities of a Top-Rated Electrician?


There are indeed many domestic tradespeople that you might need to call on when you have home issues and one is the electrician. Like any trade, there are good and not-so-good people in the industry and in this short article, we outline the qualities you would find in a good local electrician.

  • Professional– When you make an enquiry, you should expect a prompt response and when the tradesman makes an appointment to visit, he should be punctual. This gives the customer peace of mind, knowing that the person is a professional and he cares about what he does. If you are looking for a local electrician in Neutral Bay, Google is your best friend and can put you in touch with the right provider.
  • Competitive & transparent pricing– When quoting for a project, a good electrician would clearly detail all costs, so you can see exactly where your money is going. There should be no ‘hidden charges’ and if the tradesman charges a call-out, that should be stated on the quotation.
  • All-inclusive quotes– All quotations should be inclusive of all costs regardless. Reputation is everything in business and over the years, a good company would have a good reputation within the local community.
  • Punctuality – You should not be kept waiting; if the electrician gives you a deadline, the project should be completed according to schedule.
  • Certified– Working with electricity is obviously dangerous and a qualified electrician should be certified to work on your system. If you are planning a holiday in Austin Texas, click here.
  • Fully insured – A tradesman should have full insurance when working in a customer’s home. Anything can happen and it is reassuring to have public liability cover.
  • Friendly disposition– People like service with a smile and that will never change. The ideal tradesman is always happy and nothing is too much trouble when it comes to his customers. You should be able to ask his advice on anything power-related and that is a quality that more professionals should adopt.
  • Honest opinion– There might be a situation whereby the electrician would make more money by advising you to do something that is not the best long-term solution. At times like this, you need a person who will have your best interests at heart, regardless.
  • Customer-focused – If you delve into any successful business, you will find they are customer focused; the customer should always come before anything else. This culture ensures the business will develop in a positive way and most small business owners understand this.

Of course, not all small businesses are perfect, it is up to you to make your own mind up regarding who you hire to carry out electrical work. We hope that this article helps you to define a good contractor and if you are planning a home improvement project that requires an electrician, we hope you find a contractor with all of the above qualities.