What are the Essential Steps to Take After a Personal Injury?


Accidents occur out of the blue and quickly catch you off guard. The National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey of 2020 estimates that there are 24.2 million emergency visits due to injury. When these accidents occur, stress, fear, anger, and confusion are typical reactions.

Personal injury is a term used to describe a situation where the negligent actions of a person lead to injury to another. There are many ways a person can act negligently; thus, the personal injury law covers many topics.

But despite the situations and cases being different, you must talk to an experienced personal injury attorney and follow some basic yet necessary steps. Here are some of the most crucial steps that you must follow:

Get to a Safe Place

It is highly likely that you will freeze after an accident since you will be in pain or shock. Yet, taking a deep breath and examining your surroundings is vital, despite your body needing time to react.

You must check if there is anything around that can cause further injury. For instance, if you are in a road accident, getting off the road would be best.

Try not to move any vehicle if it may cause you or another person harm. If you are in good shape and other people are involved, ensure they are not in harm’s way. And if you are not able to move, stay in your position and ask for medical attention.

Conduct Self-Evaluation

After getting to a safe place, do a body scan to identify any signs of injury. You can ask yourself these questions:

  • Whether you see blood
  • If you are numb in any part of the body
  • Whether you are breathing normally
  • Try wiggling your toes, fingers, leg, and arm and ask yourself whether they move with ease
  • If you are in pain

When you are done going through these questions, ask the others to evaluate themselves similarly. Proceed to call 911 if there is anyone with any of these symptoms, and report the accident immediately.

Get Medical Attention

In situations where you show signs of injury or harm, you must seek medical attention immediately. It would also be best to visit a healthcare professional even if you do not feel or see any injuries. Make sure you go to a healthcare facility as soon as possible and call an ambulance if possible.

Write a Narrative

Writing your narrative may not sit well with some, but it is one of the best post-accident steps you can take. Note down all the information you remember after the initial accident. Every detail matters, and your testimony will change the course of a case to a large extent.

Speak to First Responders and Eyewitnesses

There will be witnesses in any accident. These individuals play a vital role in a personal injury case since their testimonies will help the judge or jury make a decision.

People who witness accidents will help clarify the event, and showing their perspectives will help deny or confirm details of the case. This will add value to the case.

Get a Legal Presentation

After taking the steps above, you must find an experienced personal injury attorney. You must find someone who has your best interests at heart and can help you build a lawsuit.

It is worth noting that other parties, such as insurance companies, will have legal counsel. To face them, you will have to have your counsel as well.


Personal injuries can occur at any time without notice, so knowing what to do in such an event is essential. Ensure you follow the steps above and hire an experienced attorney. You will get the proper compensation and have an easier time recovering emotionally, physically, and financially.