Ways to Make Your Car Stand Out from the Crowd


We all love our set of wheels and regardless of what anyone says, your car is special and there are many ways that you can make your ride stand out from the crowd, which we outline in this short article.

  • Vinyl stickers– Vinyl stickers are easy to remove and they come in all shapes and sizes, with the coveted JDM car stickers and so many more! Stickers have evolved alongside other forms of signage and some drivers add a few when they attend an event. The JDM community is growing and the online sticker supplier has you covered.
  • Ceramic wrap – If you drive a prestige vehicle, why not have it wrapped? Not only can you choose insane colours or patterns, a ceramic wrap protects the paintwork. Whether you are based in Sydney or Melbourne, you can find top-rated garages that wrap cars to order. The choices are endless and if you want to turn heads, ceramic wraps are the way to go. It will have the same effect as the stickers that are die-cut.
  • LED lights– While you have to be careful about the law, small LED strips can really enhance your ride. Google Images will take you to outrageous examples of lit cars that come alive when the sun goes down. You can fit a concealed switch that allows you to turn off the LED strips without affecting the regular lights.
  • Wide wheels– Not all cars are suitable for wider wheels, but it does look kind of cool and is obviously safer because there is more rubber in contact with the road. Search the local FB groups for rims and tyres and always ensure the size is correct – you won’t be able to return a used set of shoes. Here are a few important things to do after a car accident.
  • New paint job– If you have a budget and you think the car is worth it, why not talk to a local auto paint shop and check out their huge catalogue, with flecks and other novel finishes? They mask everything up and prepare the bodywork correctly, with a primer coat first and when your car rolls out of the paint shop, you won’t recognise it!
  • Front spoiler/bullbars – If you drive a truck and don’t have a set of bullbars, where have you been? Sporty vehicles are ideal for front and rear spoilers, which serve a practical purpose by forcing the car down onto the road and improving grip. They also look incredibly cool with a set of LED spots.
  • Window tints – Next time you see a window tint store, swing by and take a look at what they can do for cars; avoid going too dark, as this would be illegal and would end in a serious fine. Always choose the best spec for window tint, it is worth paying a little extra for film that stands the test of time.

Those who don’t like cars would never understand and the rest of us can use a bit of creativity to make our ride something special