Vaping vs. Smoking: What Can You Expect When You Make the Switch?

Vaping vs. Smoking: What Can You Expect When You Make the Switch

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that heat a liquid to produce inhalable nicotine in the form of vapor. Aside from nicotine, the liquid used in e-cigarettes also contains other chemicals like vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and propylene glycol.

Vaping is a perfect alternative for smokers who want to enjoy the pleasure of smoking and also avoid the health risks that come with it. While smoking contains tar, carbon monoxide, and other byproducts of burning tobacco that may affect the lungs, vaping does not contain any of these. However, if you’re considering switching from smoking to vaping, then you should try the puffco peak pro vaporizer to enjoy a flavored vapor that hits everywhere.

Keep reading to discover the kind of experience switching from smoking to vaping gives you.

What To Expect When You Switch To Vaping

The following are what you should expect when you switch to vaping.

A Feeling of Satisfaction

Many people prefer smoking to other nicotine replacement products simply because; while smoking can satisfy your cravings immediately, other products can’t. When you smoke a cigarette, the nicotine is absorbed through the lungs and goes straight into your bloodstream, satisfying your cravings instantly.

Unlike other nicotine replacement products, vaping gives you the satisfaction that is similar to that of smoking, or even better. With vaping, you inhale the nicotine, therefore, you will experience an instant delivery of nicotine in your bloodstream.

Save Money

Smoking tobacco is expensive. The price of a disposable vape device which will last 5-7 days on average, is equivalent to only a few sticks of cigarettes. In addition, while many nations charge a huge sum on tobacco tax, they don’t charge tobacco taxes on vaping products.

Therefore, you get to save the tobacco taxes for more valuable things. Even in countries that charge taxes on vaping products, the taxes are significantly lower when compared to those charged on tobacco products.

Improved Productivity at Work

In case you don’t know, most workplaces will prefer to hire someone who doesn’t smoke over someone who does. This is mainly because smoking has been connected to low productivity. A study also shows that smokers are easily distracted and lack the motivation to work. So companies tend to avoid having to deal with these issues in the first place by not hiring smokers.

On the other hand, vaping helps to improve your overall productivity at work and helps you focus on the task at hand. As a result, you earn more money and also save more.

Improved Self-Esteem

One of the major benefits of vaping is the new level of self-esteem that comes with it. It helps you feel more confident and better about your appearance. You also have a sense of freedom, and you can speak publicly without being bothered about mouth odor.

Additionally, vaping allows you to enjoy nicotine even if you live with a lot of people. You don’t have to spend extra money on body sprays and home fresheners to reduce the smell of smoke in the house.

Help You to Regulate Nicotine Use

Research has shown that vaping can help you quit nicotine completely. While you may want to smoke the entire cigarette because you don’t want to waste it, you can regulate your nicotine consumption with vaping.

Aside from choosing the frequency of your nicotine consumption, vaping also gives you control over the strength of the nicotine you consume. By reducing the strength of your nicotine intake, you may decide to quit nicotine completely eventually.

Improved Health

Smoking cigarettes has been associated with lung cancer and heart disease. This is because cigarettes contain tar and carbon monoxide, hence switching to vaping helps avoid these harmful chemicals.

Some e-cigarettes can also help to detoxify your blood and bring your blood oxygen level to normal. Within three to nine months, you will start experiencing improved breath, the disappearance of smokers’ cough, improved energy, and overall improved physical and mental health.

If you’re trying to switch from smoking to vaping, you may find it initially hard; however, with consistent use, motivation, and preparation, you’ll find the switch easier than expected. You must ensure that everything you need is readily available. You can also make inquiries from licensed vendors about how to maintain your tank kit and get the necessary cleaning kit. In case you are finding it hard to switch after taking all the necessary steps, you can speak with a professional psychologist for help.